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Only Gregg Garrity Until Penn State Football

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With 82 days to go until the season opener, we honor the son of the guy who made the legendary catch in the '83 Sugar Bowl.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Gregg Garrity takes the #82 spot on our countdown to the season opener in Ireland. As a true freshman last year, the run-on saw pivotal playing time on special teams, during the final few games of the season. He even took a punt back for nine yards in a blowout win against Purdue.

Unfortunately, we don't have any photos of Gregg that we can use on here (legally), hence the generic photo of a Penn State fan dressed like a Halo character. Thankfully for us, his dad (also named Gregg) is kind of a big deal and has his own YouTube clip featuring his famed diving touchdown catch (courtesy of a bomb thrown by Todd Blackledge) in the 1983 Sugar Bowl against Georgia, which helped to seal PSU's first modern day national championship.

Happy Monday!