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Only Old Coaly Until Penn State Football

BSD counts down the days until kickoff.

An overlooked mule from under-recruited Bellefonte, Old Coaly walked on to a barren field in 1866 as a raw, untamed interior lineman.  But with a bit of seasoning, he adapted well to a bridle and hauling large blocks of stone.  Although he played just two official seasons in the Black and Pink (which later became the Blue and White), Old Coaly left his mark on the University, and his bones in the HUB.  That is dedication.

No less than three other Penn State football players earned All-American honors wearing the fabled #60 - Charlie Zapiec, Matt Millen, and Bucky Greely (because I said so).  But today the honor belongs to the original PSU work-mule, Old Coaly.  Follow Old Coaly on the Tweeters @BFlip33.