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Only Roger Jackson Until Penn State Football

BSD counts down the days until kickoff in Ireland.

Sports Illustrated

Roger Jackson - Kenny's older brother - played defensive back for the Nittany Lions from 1979 - 1982, helping Joe win his first official national championship.

But Roger is best known not for the 1983 Sugar Bowl, but for the 1981 Pitt game.  Pitt, with Dan Marino at quarterback, was ranked #1 in the nation that November, the last game of the regular season, and enjoying a 17-game winning streak.  Pitt jumped out to a quick 14-0 lead.  In the second quarter, Marino went deep, for the jugular.  Roger Jackson made a ballerina's interception in the end zone, keeping a toe in bounds, to give the Lions the ball at their own 20.  Then, following 48 unanswered points, Penn State ruined the Panthers' season.  48-14, on the road at Pitt.  And it was Roger's interception that changed the momentum.