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Is Penn State Adding Numbers to the Helmets?

Another Potential Penn State Uniform Change

Those numbers may be here to stay.
Those numbers may be here to stay.

**UPDATED--The helmet is apparently just part of Franklin's office decoration. Props to whoever tweeted that at me earlier in the day after seeing it in a pump up video on his desk. Check the article for the full scoop. -NP. Wait, that doesn't work now. Editor NP. There we go.**

This afternoon, one of Penn State's newest players made a splash in the world of social media. Nick Scott, a running back from the 2014 recruiting class, posted the following picture on Instagram.

Obviously, this would lead one to believe that Penn State is sending their uniforms back to the John Cappelletti era, and putting numbers on everyone's helmet. Penn State fans got a taste of this when the entire 2012 team wore Michael Mauti's number 42 on their helmets to commemorate their injured senior leader. This picture however, would imply that everyone is getting their number this year (because after all, why else would a freshman have his own number on his helmet?). Of course this is yet to be confirmed, but answers will surely come quickly. Either that or Scott will be asked to take down the picture.

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