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Only Sean Lee Until Penn State Football

BSD counts down the days (45, not 50) until kickoff in Ireland.


It's a shame injuries exist, like, in general, because otherwise we could be talking about Penn State's clear-cut production of the two best natural linebackers currently playing professional football. Navorro Bowman will get his day in the sun (27 days from now, to be exact), but for now we're going to discuss Sean Lee and why it's such a damn shame the football gods have forsaken him yet again.

Lee suffered his third-ever ACL injury this offseason, this time a tear of the ligament in his left knee. The Cowboys simply won't be able to replace the best pass-defending linebacker in, well, the world, at least not in the way a group of Penn State linebackers did in 2008, when Lee tore his right ACL before the season. Those Nittany Lions banded together and made the Rose Bowl; Dallas will probably be lucky to sniff 8-8 again.

But we're not here to make you sad. So let's remember the good times. Like the 2007 Outback Bowl, in which Lee stripped some dude named Arian Foster of the football, giving cornerback Tony Davis the chance to run the ball all the way back for the game-winning score.

This isn't a funeral - Lee will be back in football, in one capacity or another - but Penn State football is just 45 days away, dammit, and this stuff gets me excited. Share your favorite Sean Lee moment in the comments, and let's get excited for some Penn State football together.