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BSD Mailbag 7.18.14

You've got questions, BSD has answers!

Oli Scarff

Penn State is potentially putting the numbers back on the helmets Great news or greatest news if true? Also, what other throwback look would you want to see make a comeback today? skarocksoi
As we all now know, the numbers on the sides of the helmet aren't happening. While I'm typically opposed to big changes to Penn State's classic uniforms, I've always been a fan of the numbered helmet look. It's a simple yet classy touch that gives them the look of a throwback, smashmouth football team of yore. Plus, Penn State used to display numbers on the helmet so it's not like it would be completely out of left field.

The two things I would love to see make a comeback are the cutoff jerseys and toilet-bowl shaped neck rolls. They were both all the rage when I was young and started watching football, and both hold a great deal of nostalgia for me.

Do you ever hate-listen/read anyone in particular just so you can find out their stupid opinions? I’ve been listening to Cowherd when I go for lunch for some reason. skarocksoi

Not really. At one time I would get suckered into hot takes from the assortment of talking heads that now dominant the sports media landscape. But eventually I came to realize that people like Skip Bayless, Greggggg Doyel and Andy Staples are merely playing characters who make a living out of getting a rise out of people for attention (in lieu of hard work and talent). The closest thing I do is listen to the Buckeye homers on the radio while I'm in the car. Most of them just stroke the listeners ego with nonstop chatter of how Ohio State is by far THE premiere program in college football. They'll talk endlessly about how great the Buckeyes are (which they do have plenty to brag about) without giving the opponents an ounce of credit. For instance, heading into the Big Ten Championship Game all of the talk was about how the Buckeyes would probably wipe the floor with Florida State in the BCS Championship. They couldn't even fathom the thought that Ohio State might not get past Michigan State. Boy, did I enjoy watching that game and then tuning in on Monday morning.

So the other day I had asparagus with dinner and the next day had my perfunctory cup of coffee when I got to the office. My urine had some new unholy smell, the likes of which I’ve never been witness to before. So, um, why do coffee and asparagus combined make my pee smell like Satan is trying to escape from my bladder?Lucius429
While the acidity in the coffee may have contributed slightly, the main culprit is the asparagus. My advice is to keep on eating asparagus on a regular basis and just hold your breath while conducting your business for the next 24 hours. Asparagus makes for an excellent side dish and can be quite tasty when prepared correctly. Plus it will help you digest that giant slab of beef you just wolfed down like it was going out of style.

If a breakfast dish tastes awesome, (My favorite of which includes bacon) but a tasteless macrobrew calls it unmanly, should I care? NittanySeaLion
Of all the stupid gender stereotypes floating around, this might be the most baffling. I'll never understand why quiche isn't considered "manly." Every ingredient on its own is a perfectly acceptable food, regardless of gender. Eggs? Good. Bacon? Good. Cheese? Good. Select vegetables of your choosing? Good. Pie? Good. If you put it all together, it makes one hell of a delicious meal. I don't care what you say, nothing will come in between me and a good quiche. And as far as the commercial you mentioned, I would think a hearty quiche would be more "manly" than some crappy bright yellow light beer any day of the week.

Shoo-fly or strawberry rhubarb? ReadingRambler
It's hard to top the rich, syrupy goodness of shoo-fly. Although I'm a pecan pie guy, I'm an equal-opportunity lover of pies.

Why do people find Melissa McCarthy funny? Her entire get up is "hey there I’m a FAT WOMAN I’m gonna make SILLY FACES and do WEIRD THANGS WITH MUH LEGS" and I want her to die in a train accident. Bill
This may ruffle some feathers, but the success of Melissa McCarthy seems to be Hollywood's way of saying "We're not completely obsessed unattainable beauty standards! Just look at this funny lady and her shenanigans!" Exhibit A: she received an Oscar nod for her role in Bridesmaids. Seriously? Of all the amazing performances that year they used one of just five Best Supporting Actress nominations for that performance? Something ain't right.