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Success With Hyperlinking Is Doing This All For The Kids

The football team makes a surprise visit to the Hershey's children's hospital, a prized recruit comes clean about Rutgers, and other assorted hyperlinkage for your pleasure.

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Mad Props To The Football Team

The football team made a surprise visit to Hershey's children's hopsital, yesterday. Not surprisingly, it helped put things into perspective for the players, making their own plight seem rather trivial in comparison.

"You know, with training camp coming up pretty soon, the stakes are going to be pretty high, pretty fast,'' said Breneman, a Cedar Cliff graduate.

"A lot of pressure's going to be on us pretty soon. And then you see these kids and what they are going through and you start thinking, football's a big part of our lives but it doesn't need to be that important.

"It gives you a little bit of perspective.''

[Drops Mic]

The fact that Big Ten Powerhouse Rutgers has failed to get a verbal commitment from any of the Top 10 New Jersey players of the Class of 2015 is one that has stuck out like a sore thumb. While fans of BTPR are left wondering why this is the case (at least when they're not busying bashing everything Penn State), Juwan Johnson helped shed some light on why top Jersey players like him flock to Penn State and other more established B1G programs:

Such a powerful truth bomb requires a fresh take on an old favorite GIF amongst the BSD community:


The Best Damn Scandalous Band In The Land (TBDSBITL)

Ohio State marching band director Jonathan Waters was fired yesterday after allegations of 'sexual misconduct' within the band came to light. An internal investigation conducted by OSU's Office of University Compliance and Integrity determined Waters knew and/or should have known about the sexual harrassment/hazing that occurred. You can read the full report here. Be on the look out around the end of Page 5 for vulgar nicknames that you may not have known ever existed, such as 'Tulsa' (spell it backwards) and 'Ballsacagawea' (which really, whoever came up with that deserves a little praise for knowing their American history figures well enough to make a clever play-on-words with male genitalia).

Other Quick Dumps: