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We Are! 2014: Update on Printing and Direct Sales

What's this? A reader caught off his guard?

By now, dear BSD readers, many of you have already downloaded your preordered e-copy of We Are! 2014 (for many of you, that might have been twice downloaded). For this, we cannot thank you enough; without your support and hard earned dollars, we would not have been able to pull together the wonderful content that this year's magazine is comprised of.

But wait--there's more. The finishing touches are done, and it's been sent to the presses. As some of you will recall, we didn't make our kickstarter stretch goal; that is, we didn't get the extra amount necessary to automatically facilitate a print edition of the magazine. To supplement the e-version that was offered in our kickstarter, we partnered with Draft Kings (formerly Draftstreet) in a sponsorship deal that allowed new enrollees into their service to get a print version--free!--when you sign up with them.

But wait--now there's even more! Our good friends over at MGoBlog--including but not limited to our wonderful publisher, Seth Fisher--have agreed to sell We Are! 2014 through their official store at We realize the inherent pain it might engender for some of you to appear to give money to anything associated with the University of Michigan, and for that we are truly sorry; however, they've been very good to us in helping get We Are! 2014 off the ground, and frankly it's just not economically feasible for us to set up our own online store for this magazine (and every other option was, essentially, more expense than it was worth). The fact that they're hosting this on their store is another in a long list of awesome things they've done for us, and for this magazine, and by extension for you, our readers and Penn State community.

What, now, does this mean? This means that if you didn't order an e-copy via the kickstarter (or you know someone else you wants one now), you can order one, here, for $5.50. This means that if you didn't pledge on the level of a print edition, no matter what, you can order one, here, for $14.95. And don't forget that you can still sign up with Draft Kings* and get a free print edition right here.

For those of you who haven't gotten a copy of We Are! 2014 yet (or who have but haven't read it yet), here's just some of the wonderful content we've pulled together for you:

  • 30+ pages of positional previews
  • 20+ pages of opponent previews
  • Features on the screen pass and Bob Shoop blitzes by bscaff
  • Lou Prato's in depth look at the 1994 undefeated season
  • An incredible quarterback roundtable pulled together by Mike Poorman, featuring Michael Robinson, Todd Blackledge, Wally Richardson, Matt Knizer, Matt McGloin, and Christian Hackenberg
  • Way more than I could possibly list in bullet points in this post


We Are! 2014 -- Hard Copy $14.95
We Are! 2014 -- Digital Copy  $5.50

We Are! 2014 -- Special Draft Kings Offer $0.00

*You will note that we are now calling the site "Draft Kings" instead of Draftstreet. That is because Draft Kings recently bought out the former sponsor in a merger deal; they're still honoring all former orders, though, and taking new ones. If you recall, the deal is that you deposit $10 or more on Draft Kings and you get a free print book; if you order by 8/1--ie, this weekend--and we'll ship it directly from the printer. What is very, incredibly important if you take advantage of this deal, though, is that you use the exact site address as given--because the tracking they use is imperative to Draft Kings. If you have any issues, type this address in:

Note that, as we stated before, if you live in certain states you may not be eligible due to certain local or state online gambling laws.