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MMQB: What Should Barbour's First Act Be As Penn State's New Athletics Director?

There are some things that need to be done. What should she handle first?


New Athletics Director Sandy Barbour begins her job later this month. There's a lot that she should look to do. Let's go down a list and discuss it civilly in this Internet comment section after, shall we?

  • New Natatorium -- McCoy is a shit hole. People have been clamoring for a new facility for the swim team for some time. Barbour comes from a school that has an excellent swim program, and with PSU's swim team on the rise, now may be the perfect time to either invest some resources into McCoy, or maybe even build a new facility.
  • Shut Up Eric -- Give Pat Chambers a contract extension, and Barbour can single-handedly prevent Eric from writing another 76,031 word FanPost comparing the Pat Chambers era to the Tom Murphy era at Hamilton College. Hell, she should do this, because as someone who cares about Eric's mental health and well-being, I don't want him worrying about this stuff anymore.
  • Hire A New Track and Field Coach -- Penn State doesn't have one. Penn State really should have one. Barbour should probably get on this.
  • BRING BACK THE PATERNO STA*hit by a brick*
  • Add New Athletic Programs -- There are a ton of teams at Penn State, but why not add one or two varsity sports, if possible?
  • Something With The Sanctions -- I dunno why not maybe she can try to get the bowl ban lifted or something that'd be chill
With all that said, here's the question: What should Sandy Barbour's first order of business be as Penn State's new athletics director? Should she do something listed above, or should her first act be something that wasn't up there? Why should she do that, and how should she go about doing this?