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Success With Hyperlinking Is Seeing The Sights

Links and miscellany for your pleasure.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Big Ten Media Days are currently going on in the Windy City, which is as good excuse as any to post from my favorite Sufjan Stephens album:

If you read bscaff's recap and are still seeking more from Day 1, there are a number of sources. Big Ten Network has video of James Franklin's question and answer has coverage from the Penn State side and SBNation has plenty to offer from the rest of the conference. PennLive has some more individually with Bill Belton and Mike Hull, Todd Blackledge praises Christian Hackenberg, and Jim Delany gives his State of the Conference address.

Also, Kyle Flood invoked something called the "State of Rutgers" and it's apparently larger than the state of New Jersey.

We Wish You Death From A Thousand Papercuts: Five Pennsylvania Congressmen send another letter to NCAA seeking an end to the sanctions on Penn State. It also requests answers to the following questions:

1. The students currently affected by the sanctions were high school students at the time of the consent decree’s enforcement and enrolled at Penn State to seek a quality education. How do you reconcile enforcing these sanctions with the NCAA’s mission statement?

2. Your organization admitted in the consent decree that it lacked authority to fine Penn State for the criminal activity of a former university employee. How can you continue to insist upon enforcing punitive measures against Penn State?

For his part, Coach Franklin says he and the team are focused on the upcoming season.

Crown His Ass: Guy Gadowsky will be inducted in the University of Alaska Nanook Hall of Fame, where he started his coaching career.

Finally: While Stephen A. Smith continues to trip all over himself saying stupid things and quasi-apologizing, here's a great piecediscussing when sportswriters dare to venture out of their depth.