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Success With Hyperlinking Is Still Giving Out Hugs

Links on links on links

Matt King

It's the last day of the last month without football for the rest of 2014. Take a second to hug the person next to you.

#WeAre Better: By now, you should know that James Franklin picked up the best recruit of his short Penn State tenure in five-star 2016 DE Shane Simmons. We even had a GIF party to celebrate. Pennlive did a follow-up interview with him where he detailed why he chose so early (or late, according to him) in the recruiting process and who he might try to bring along with him to University Park.

Also, if you're thirsty, you can feast on the tears of those at Testudo Times.

An End To The Sanctions?: Some news and opinion on the NCAA sanctions front ahead of George Mitchell's upcoming quarterly report... Dennis Dodd of CBS Sports makes the case for the NCAA to drop the remaining two years of the bowl ban, saying that there's no need to continue punishing the innocent players that had nothing to do with the acts of Jerry Sandusky, his stance being a complete 180 from what he wrote just over two years agoSBN's SEC blog Team Speed Kills disagrees with just about all of Dodd's updated beliefs. The opinions come on the heels of five Pennsylvania Congressmen asking the NCAA to void the rest of the sanctions against Penn State. I'm sure we'll have more news on this in the coming month or two.

Herb Hand Says Hold Up: Everyone's favorite Penn State representative on Food Network, offensive line coach Herb Hand, made news by announcing that Penn State stopped recruiting a player because of comments he made on social media.

It gained national attention even though Hand has essentially used his Twitter feed to put out PSAs about what recruits should be doing to look the best to the program's recruiting them. Sorry, unnamed recruit, but you have been Chopped.

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