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Only Sean Love Until Penn State Football

BSD counts down the days until kickoff in Ireland.

Sean Love won a state championship at Tamaqua.  Let that sink in for a moment.

Although he was recruited by everyone, including Ohio State, Michigan State,, that mattered not.  Nor did a visit from the big dog, Joe (note: far down the page) who still made house calls to Tamaqua back in 1987:

Love, a 6-foot-3, 240-pound two-way tackle for the Colts said, "There were many reasons why I picked Penn State. The main reason is, it is close to Tamaqua and my father and mother will be able to continue to watch me play football. They've been watching ever since I played knee-hi football in Tamaqua. The second choice was the education I will receive at Penn State."

A visit by Joe Paterno on Monday didn't influence Love.

"I had my mind made up before the coach came to Marian. Plus, the Lions are looking for defensive linemen and coach Paterno said that is what I would be playing. So, who knows? I might have a shot at playing some varsity football my freshman year," said Love. varsity as a freshman.  Good one.

No, son. but you are going to start 9 of 11 games as a redshirt freshman at offensive guard.  You'll enter the NFL Draft as a 4th year junior, getting selected by the Dallas Cowboys.  You'll spend parts of seven different seasons in the Big Boy Pants league, wrapping up your pro career by taking a flyer on the Orlando Rage of the XFL in 2000.   AQ Shipley will earn All-American honors wearing #57 after you.  Chris Conlin, Pete Kugler, and Ted Sebastianelli all wore it before you.  This year, though, it rests vacant.