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Only Lance Mehl Until Penn State Football

BSD counts down the days until kickoff.

In the decade and a half between 1968 and 1982, fourteen different linebackers earned All-American honors for Penn State.  That's 14 different dudes, not simply 14 cumulative accolades.  And that's how you nail down a moniker such as Linebacker U.

One of those was #56, Lance Mehl, who earned 2nd team honors in 1979.  He led the undefeated 1978 team in tackles, and co-captained the 1979 squad (with Irv, pictured above) which finished 8-4, ranked #20, with a Liberty Bowl victory over Tulane, before the Green Wave's foosball became horrendous.  (Hard to believe Tulane used to be a member of the SEC, isn't it?  Wonder if they regret that decision).

A Bellaire, OH native, Mehl suffered the great misfortune to be drafted by the NY Jets of the National Football League, 69th overall in the 1980 draft.  Despite that, he overcame the franchise obstacle - no small feat - to earn Pro Bowl honors in 1985, and retired after an eight year career.

Today, redshirt freshman linebacker Carter Henderson from Murraysville (Franklin Regional) looks to uphold the legacy.