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Only Jesse James and Deion Barnes Until Penn State Football

We've got a double-dose of 18's to celebrate 18 days left.

Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

After a few days' hiatus, we're actually using a pair of current players today to help count down the waning days until the season opener in Ireland. Jesse James was one of the obvious choices here, as the 6'7" 254-pound behemoth of a tight end will once again prove to be a major matchup problem for any opposing defender unfortunate to line up against him. He is also Penn State's top returning receiver with 25 catches for 333 yards and three touchdowns last season, so look for him to become a favorite target of Christian Hackenberg's now that Allen Robinson is chasing dreams in the NFL. You can follow him on Twitter @JJames18_

Not to be outdone, defensive end Deion Barnes will also be rocking the #18 jersey again this year. Hopefully, we'll see him return to his 2012 form and then some. Perhaps a little goading from 'Coach Chaos' (aka defensive line coach Sean Spencer) will do the trick. You can also follow Deion on Twitter @DBarnes_18