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SwH Goes Round In Circles

Success with Hyperlinking Goes Round In Circles.

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Sport Massif

Rick Maese of WaPo cranks out 2,500 words on our ball coach James Franklin.  Four word summary: Franklin's an energetic salesman.

Deion Barnes starts his redshirt junior campaign, and asks Sean "Chaos" Spencer about it.  Strange quote from Chaos:

"Don't calculate it by how many TFLs, how many sacks. Obviously, that's something that [members of the media] look for. As a coach, I want to make sure, 'Were you in the right spot at the right time? Did you affect the game in any positive way?' And yeah, you're measured by tackles for loss and tackles and sacks and things, but you also can be very, very consistent and do your job well and really help the team."

Count me among the Joey Julius fan club.  That's walk-on placekicker Joey Julius from Lower Dauphin of the 717.  Click this link to see Julius in action on the cover photo, and then report back here with your comment signifying your request for admittance onto the Joey Julius bandwagon.

Quick Hits

CDT makes note that the PSU BOT will discuss the structure of the PSU BOT at the next PSU BOT meeting.

August 10th was football team photo day - gracias, PennLive, for paying someone to be there as if it was his/her job.

Kiah Seymour took Gold in the 400 hurdles at the Western Hemisphere, U-23 Championships.  Two other Penn Staters also took home medals.

Michael Shuey set a school record in javelin while taking Gold for team USA at the same U-23 Championships.

Jerry Dunn put the big whistle around his neck again, this time at D2 Tuskegee.

Derek Sherwood has a video on the Betsy Aardsma murder in the stacks, circa 1969.  (That's why you shouldn't go to the library).

Three years after the fact, the BOT will review the NCAA sanctions at the behest of new BOT member Al Lord.  And not a moment too soon.

The Lancaster Barnstormers will be giving away baseball and foosball tickets in a raffle.

John Madden thinks kids start playing the foosball behind mama's back too young.