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Only Daryll Clark Until Penn State Football

17 days left until the season opener in Ireland. Time to honor another beloved quarterback.

The one and only Daryll Clark is your 17 days representative. Best known for helping to pilot the 2008 squad to a Rose Bowl bid, Clark had a decent set of wheels to go along with his throwing abilities, which opponents were forced to respect. More importantly, he possessed the natural leadership traits that any highly successful quarterback must possess.

Despite leading the team to an 11-2 finish in 2008 and a 10-2 regular season finish in 2009, Clark was still hounded by the media perception that he had never won a game that truly mattered, nor led his team from behind late in the fourth quarter (Pat Devlin led the go-ahead drive at Ohio State in 2008). He finally put an end to those perceptions in his final collegiate game in the 2010 Capital One Bowl against LSU, leading a lengthy drive in the waning minutes with PSU trailing by a point, on a horribly muddy field to help set up Collin Wagner's game-winning field goal. The iconic image of him slumped to the field, crying tears of joy after the final whistle blew is one that will remain in many of our heads for the rest of our lives.

Today, Daryll is a sales consultant for Verizon in the Myrtle Beach area. He can be followed on Twitter @CaptainClark17. His old #17 jersey is currently being rocked by quarterback DJ Crook and cornerback Dad Poquie.