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Success with Hyperlinking Wants to Party Like It's 1994


#1 in our Hearts This fall will mark the 20th anniversary of the undefeated 1994 squad. For those of us who can remember that season, it's one that we'll never forget. Whether it be the nail-biters against Michigan or Illinois, the decimation of Ohio State and USC, or the Rose Bowl victory against Oregon to capture yet another undefeated season, it will forever remain one of the best seasons in Penn State football history. The Penn State Alumni Association put together an oral history with almost all of the biggest names from that team, and it's something you will not want to miss.

It's Getting Dusty in Here This is the kind of thing that made this Ohio boy with no connection to Penn State a diehard fan for life: Former Penn State defensive lineman and national champion Pete Curkendell was blindsided by tragedy when two of his young children simultaneously faced life-threatening illnesses. While he and his wife pondered just how they were going to pay for the mounting medical expenses, an anonymous check arrived in the mail one day. Shortly after, another one came. And another. And another, until they received almost $50,000 from an unnamed donor who obviously cared more about helping the family than receiving credit for his generosity. If it wasn't for a minor administrative slip-up, the family never would have known for certain who was reaching out to their family during their greatest hour of need. I won't even bother telling you who it was, because I'm sure 99 percent of people who read this are well aware of exactly who was the person handing over their money and not expecting anything in return. Grab a tissue and read the full article.

Full Nelson Right tackle Andrew Nelson created a bit of buzz last season while bulking up and holding his own on the scout team. Now he will be thrust into a starting role as a redshirt freshman. PennLive sat down with Andrew recently to discuss the transition in coaching staffs, dealing with critics and more. Get familiar with the man who you'll be watching for the next several years.

Surprise, Surprise As far as unexpected recruiting success, it's hard to top the story of James Franklin's success in dominating the state (and region- and beyond.). Bleacher Report offers an interesting breakdown on recruiting thus far into the Franklin era.

Mr. Intrigue Part Deux Since it's still the offseason and there's still nothing to write about, Pat Forde made his list of the top 25 most intriguing college quarterbacks. Once again Penn State is represented on the list with Christian Hackenberg listed at number 21. Forde doesn't seem to think Hack will be able to do much with the departure of Allen Robinson and the majority of the offensive line. I'm sure Andrew Nelson and company can't wait to try to prove him wrong.

No Shirt, No Shoes, No Football BYU wide receiver Devon Blackmon has been suspended for the team's opening game against UCONN after he was (gasp!) spotted wearing earrings. It seems petty, but rules are rules and players know they need to abide by them to remain part of the team. However, this is the portion of BYU's honor code that caught my eye:

Shoes should be worn in all public campus areas.

Does this mean a player would be suspended for wearing flip-flops? Or do they really mean footwear? Because if I'm an elite college athlete (pause for laughter), I would be taking my talents to a more flip-flop friendly program.

Fussin' and Fuedin' The Board of Trustees held a meeting on Wednesday and it did not go so well.