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Success With Hyperlinking Is Calling Out To The Gods

Your news and links for the day.

Bárðarbunga - Iceland GeoSurvey, via Australian National University
Bárðarbunga - Iceland GeoSurvey, via Australian National University

THIS THING IS GONNA BLOW: If you haven't heard by now, a volcano in Iceland with a really weird name may be on the verge of blowing its top in the coming days or weeks which could prove fatal for the chances of Penn State and UCF playing in Ireland next Saturday. Four years ago, when a similar event befell another volcano on the country, the ash cloud caused 100,000 European flights to be grounded. Start praying to the Norse god of volcanology if you have tickets.

Ice Bucket Challenge Hits Home: Many of you have seen the Ice Bucket Challenge take over social media over the past couple weeks and now Penn Staters have another reason to be aware and help the fight against ALS. Former PSU defensive standout and Tennessee Titans player Tim Shaw has been diagnosed with the crippling disease, the same one that Steve Smith, member of the 1986 national championship team, is fighting. The Titans did a video where he talked about beginning his fight which is worth a watch. And if you can afford to, help the cause by donating to the ALS Association.

Talkin' Ball: Bill and I joined the gentlemen over at Black Heart Gold Pants last night to talk about James Franklin, the 2014 Penn State squad and whether Randy Edsall will be institutionalized by the end of this season. You can head over to BHGP to give a listen. It's a three-parter and we begin around 43:25.

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