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Only Adrian Amos Until Penn State Football

Just four more days!

Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

It didn't take long for Adrian Amos to make an impact at Penn State. As a true freshman, he received his first start against Iowa after an injury forced senior D'Anton Lynn to miss time. When any freshman is forced into playing time at corner, things often get ugly. Not for Amos. Not only did he hold his own, he basically shut down the best receiver in the Big Ten at the time, Marvin McNutt.

Amos has played a huge role on the defense ever since the victory against Iowa on that sunny October afternoon. He has selflessly switched back and forth from corner to safety depending on what is best for the team. As a senior, he'll provide valuable leadership to what should be a much-improved secondary from 2013. On top of shutting down receivers, he'll be providing plenty of highlight-reel worthy hits along the way.

Only four more days...


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