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Only De'Andre Thompkins Until Penn State Football


Thompkins, Hamilton, and Zanellato
Thompkins, Hamilton, and Zanellato

After enrolling early at Penn State this past winter, many (myself included) assumed that Thompkins was on the fast track to playing time as a freshman for the Lions. With the release of the new depth chart, that is apparently not the case. For those who are very interested to see what Thompkins can do (myself included), fear not. My personal opinion is that they are choosing to redshirt Thompkins due to various reasons. First, De'Andre is still pretty small. It's entirely possible that the staff felt he just wasn't physically ready to play at the D1 level week in and week out. Secondly, Thompkins seems destined to play the slot in his future at Penn State. With how well redshirt freshman DaeSean Hamilton has been performing, it could be that Thompkins just isn't needed yet on offense. Regardless what the reasons are though, giving Thompkins the year to learn and develop isn't a bad idea at all.

When he does eventually make his way to the field, the Nittany Lions will be adding a dynamic player-maker in the Percy Harvin mold, one who can take a short screen to the house, stretch the defense vertically, and provide fireworks in the return game. I know that I for one, am looking forward to it.

Also wearing number three this year is Da'Quan Davis, who also is reportedly having a great camp. It seems as if he will be the third safety after Lucas and Williams, so get ready to see a lot of this little spark plug putting the hurt on receivers who never saw it coming.