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Black Shoe Podcast - Episode 2.1 - UCF in Dublin!

The 2014 football season is upon us, and so is Season 2 of the #BlackShoePodcast! Adam, Cari, and Bill are back, talking football, news, and predictions as we head into kickoff in Dublin!

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Didn't you miss us?

The #BlackShoePodcast is finally back on the air for Season 2!  The Nittany Lions have boarded a plane and are en route to the Emerald Isle, where they will take on the UCF Knights on Saturday at 8:30 a.m. ET on ESPN2!  Adam (@AdamCollyer), Cari (@NotCarlotta), and Bill (@bflip33) return to the virtual studio in Brooklyn to discuss all of the storylines heading into this weekend's Croke Park Classic clash!  We break that all down in the Season 2 premiere on Blog Talk Radio.

Some fun items to note:

  • Cari is packed and ready to go for her trip to Ireland.  Be jealous.
  • Did you know that Athletic Director Sandy Barbour is the first female AD in the Big Ten?*  Adam and Cari commend Penn State for defying stereotypes in their recent hiring.
  • Bill joins the rest of us after 15 minutes, and the three hosts discuss the defensive backfield and the defense in general, including the re-emergence of Da'Quan Davis and the depth of Calvert Hall High School in Maryland.
  • Is Herb Hand a magician?  AKA our concerns and expectations for the offensive line.
  • What can we expect the offense to look like going forward?  What do John Donovan and James Franklin have in store for us this year?  What can Christian Hackenberg do this year?  How can we replace Allen Robinson?
  • Of all the non-marquee match ups, Bill and I are most looking forward to seeing the Nittany Lions take on Big Ten Powerhouse Rutgers.  Cari, however, favors a non-Penn State game - Iowa vs. Maryland.
  • Thanks as always to for providing the introductory music for the show.

*We apparently don't count Rutgers, because Rutgers

Plus, game predictions, Cari swearing, and Bill begging to talk about pro wrestling. All this and much more on the season premiere of the #BSP!

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