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MMQB: Summer Camp Questions

Summer football camp officially kicks off today. What are the biggest things you're looking for?

Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

All the players officially reported to training camp yesterday, but the practice begins today. Today we'll likely hear more from the coaches and select players, as it's media day, but in preparation for that, MMQB asks--what are the biggest things you'll be looking for out of training camp this year?

For me, I'm just looking for no catastrophic injuries. As Nittany Nation is well aware, we already lost offensive lineman Miles Dieffenbach and linebacker Ben Kline for most of and the entire 2014 season, respectively, and with our well documented, sanctions-induced depth issues, we can ill-afford to lose more key players to injury.

Obviously, another major concern is the offensive line and how they will gel this year; that, of course, will be more difficult to tell throughout practice, and we likely won't get an idea of how that storyline plays out until August 30, in the Croke Park Classic.

What about you all? What are you looking for out of summer camp?