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Penn State Media Day: A Twitter Recap

We weren't there to cover James Franklin's first Penn State Media Day, so we'll let everyone else do so for us!

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Since all of us are old and have jobs or are at school in places other than State College, well, except for new Nick (by the way, do we have a name for new Nick yet?), none of us were able to be at Penn State Media Day to bring you quotes from James Franklin on the first day of practice. But, many beat writers were, so we're just going to let them recap it all for you.

Offensive coordinator John Donovan and defensive coordinator Bob Shoop spoke after Franklin and I would suggest checking out all the Twitter accounts I posted from here to see what they had to say. In addition, practice was open to the media today and is still going on as I write this, so I'm sure they have video and interviews from the Nittany Lions' first day on the field as well.