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Success with Hyperlinking is Ready for the Return of The Zordstache

Justin K. Aller

Guess Who's Back, Back Again? Former Penn State captain and all-around badass Michael Zordich's rookie season in the NFL didn't go exactly as planned. On the first kickoff of the first preseason game, Zordich tore his ACL, ending his season immediately. But as we all know, Zordich isn't going to let something like a serious knee injury get in his way of earning a roster spot. Zordich spent the offseason practically living at the Carolina Panthers headquarters and worked like crazy to make his was back on the field in 2014. He's currently in a fight for two fullback spots on the final roster, and I certainly would never bet against him achieving his goals.

Mr. Intrigue Since it's the summer and no one has anything to write about, Pat Forde put together a list of the top 25 most intriguing head coaches in college football. Penn State's very own James Franklin comes in at number 11, one spot ahead of Mr. Congeniality himself, Mark Dantonio.

May the Odds Ever Be in Your Favor Josh Moyer of the E! Sports Network had a Q&A with online sportsbook Bovada to gain some insight about how the oddsmakers view the Big Ten race in 2014. Interestingly enough, oddsmakers really don't like James Franklin.

Herb Hand Does Not Care for your Tweeter Account, Young Man In case you haven't heard, Herb Hand announced Penn State dropped a prospect after being less-than pleased his his social media antics. The mothership was quick to offer a hot take on the subject.

Is it August 30 Yet? One way to make the time pass as we anxiously wait for the return of college football is to gain perspective by reading season previews from outside of our Penn State bubble. While we fret about the depth of the offensive line or get too overconfident about the prospect of a bevy of young and athletic receivers, it's helpful to gain the perspective of others. Out of all the potential choices to link to, I'll give a shout out to online betting site for possibly being the only national publication to recognize that Miles Dieffenbach will be out with a torn ACL.

A Golden Value According to Forbes, Brian Kelly is dollar-for-dollar the best coach in college football. Feel free to read their reasoning and form your own opinion, however.

BO'B Being BO'B In case you were wondering how things are going with the former Penn State coach, provided some observations from Houston Texans training camp. Here's a friendly tip- if you're a wide receiver and jump offsides, BO'B is going to make you pay for it.

B10 Basketball Update Living legend and all-around great guy Tom Izzo recently had to cut ties with one of the Spartans better players, power forward Kenny Kaminski. This is a huge blow for the Spartans frontcourt as they are already attempting to replace plenty of talent from last season. While this move may not have strong implications for the Nittany Lions in 2014-2015, it's fun to imagine how these types of situations could (and may I emphasis, could) help Penn State in the future as they battle with the elite programs in the best college basketball conference in the nation.