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Only Akeel Lynch Until Penn State Football

22 days.

Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

SHOUTOUT TO OUR COMMENTING MOUNTIE (a commountie, if you will), THE B TO THE M, BIG MAPLE! And to the Penn State running back that goes by the same nickname!

With 22 days left, we profile Penn State football's resident Canadian* (Michael O'Connor is 'Murica-nized now, y'all), Akeel Lynch. Lynch tallied nearly six yards a rush last year, totaling 358 yards and one score on the ground in 2013, most of which was gained in the Eastern Michigan (108 yards) and Kent State (123 yards) games. He was used as the third running back and that doesn't expect to change this year as the Nittany Lion backfield still boasts Zach Zwinak and Bill Belton, but if we're to believe Media Day quotes, he may be able to utilize his combination of speed and power in the kick return game in 2014.

According to his GoPSU bio, one of his two possible career aspirations is to become a high school teacher which I think is pretty awesome considering I remember how a majority of my teachers were treated by my peers in high school.

No matter where he can get his hands on the ball on the field this year, Akeel should prove to be electric. Good luck, Akeel!

I'd also write something about our own Big Maple, but I don't know anything other than that he's Canadian and he loves Penn State's non-revenue sports as much, if not more, as anyone else. Hence, I invite you all to complete this Mad Lib about one of our most prominent commenters:

Big Maple was born in _____________ in a hospital where _________ was occurring right outside the window. He grew up a ____________ child, but soon developed a love of ___________. When he grew up, he became a _________ and because of ___________, he came to BSD to enrich all of our lives. What a __________ guy!

* - Yeah, he went to high school in Buffalo, but even that's practically Canada.