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Big Ten Preview: Week Three

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Each of the Big Ten conference contests in bloggerific preview.

Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

The Big Ten is bad and it should feel bad, let the misery commence.

West Virginia @ Maryland

When: Saturday, 12pm ET

Line: Maryland -3.5

Over/Under: 60

Last week, Maryland managed to weather the Steven Bench onslaught to eke out a victory. This week, Tom Bradley and, I guess, Dana Holgorsen's hair, come to town this week in what is one of the really intriguing B1G match-ups this week. The Mountaineers are improved this year, gave Alabama a game, but have face the uphill battle of Maryland in their "Star Spangled" uniforms.

Indiana @ Bowling Green

When: Saturday, 12pm ET

Line: Indiana -8

Over/Under: 72.5

Kevin Wilson continues to work his magic at Indiana until a bigger program comes to take him away. Still uncertain whether the Hoosiers are fielding the "chaos team" again this year, equally capable of victory or defeat every week.

Kent State @ #22 Ohio State

When: Saturday, 12pm ET

Line: Ohio State -32.5

Over/Under: 48.5

While Michigan State would eventually succumb on the road at Oregon, Ohio State was never really in it, at home, against Virginia Tech. Their offense still has not figured out how to work without Braxton Miller and their defense isn't great enough to make up for an offense that can't find their footing. One of these days, Ohio State's in-state dominance will come to an end, but this week is not it.

Miami (OH) @ Michigan

When: Saturday, 3:30pm ET

Line: Michigan -33.5

Over/Under: 51.5

Brady Hoke's already fired, right? At this point, he's just dead man walking his way through the season, unless the Wolverines sweep the Big Ten in conference play. I didn't get to watch any of the Notre Dame game and I'm not sure Michigan did either. Were they afraid of the coming meteor? What a setback for the premier B1G quarterback, Devin Gardner. Like their good friends Ohio State, they've got a cupcake to snack on this week.

Iowa State @ Iowa

When: Saturday, 3:30pm ET

Line: Iowa -11.5

Over/Under: 49.5

Iowa State is terrible, but still manage to give the Hawkeyes fits, the very definition of a rivalry game. Kirk Ferentz looks to reach .500(currently 7-8!!!) against the Cyclones. Iowa certainly hasn't looked like worldbeaters thus far, so this game is probably even more dangerous than usual.

Illinois @ Washington

When: Saturday, 4pm ET

Line: Washington -13

Over/Under: 65

Tim Beckman against Chris Petersen? That's all the information I need to know, could be any sport, featuring any teams, and I already confident of the outcome.

Minnesota @ TCU

When: Saturday, 4pm ET

Line: TCU -16

Over/Under: 49

This is the other very intriguing B1G match-up this weekend. There is a lot of familiarity between these staffs, so how they game plan for each other will be interesting. TCU doesn't have much to go off yet this year, a lone game against Samford, so how exactly they'll look this year is still largely a mystery, but they've earned a reputation under Gary Patterson.

Purdue @ #11 Notre Dame

When: Saturday, 7:30pm ET

Line: Notre Dame -27.5

Over/Under: 56.5

Last week, the... Boilermakers is it?... fell in the rematch with Directional Michigan, but it's difficult to defeat them more than once, they are Legion. Notre Dame, on the other hand, managed to handily defeat Michigan, shutting them out 31-0. The line for this game is Notre Dame -27.5 which proves Las Vegas doesn't know what the hell this "Purdue" thing is either. Seems like free money.

Nebraska @ Fresno State

When: Saturday, 10pm ET

Line: Nebraska -11.5

Over/Under: 62

Fresno State isn't the same without Derek Carr, but like, dude, you know, whatever. Nebraska is looking to ride the chillwaves after struggling mightily against McNeese State. If there's one person that could use some help relaxing, Bo Pelini certainly wouldn't come to mind.