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Penn State-Rutgers Post-Game Link Dump

<3 u Gary Nova

Alex Goodlett

After a hard fought, mostly poorly played game on the offensive side of the ball for both squads, Penn State emerged victorious, spoiling Rutgers' debut in the Big Ten. It was ugly, but glorious at the same time. Hopefully the same level of hatred and build up is brought to this game next year as well, because it was a lot of fun. Now let's see what the internet has to say about it.

First, from Black Shoe Diaries:

Devon's Immediate reaction.

Cari's #drunj reaction.

Our postgame show reaction.

On to the rest of the internet:

From Rutgers' SBNation site, On the Banks, the headline says it all.

Tom Dienhart from BTN says this was a breakout game for Penn State.

Dienhart also finally moved Penn State up in his B1G power rankings.

My heart hurts for linking Dienhart for a third time, but oh well. He lists Penn State's performance as the "Biggest Surprise".

From ESPN, Penn State rallies to beat Rutgers.

Despite bounce back performances from Ohio State and Michigan among others, the Big Ten still had a bad week.

Our friends at Victory Bell Rings give their breakdown of the game.

Trevor Williams still has a lot to learn about playing cornerback, but his stock is rising after this game.

Ben Jones hands out some grades for ttfp after the game.

SB Nation does a quick feature on the most hilarious play of the night.

(Hint: It's this one)

In what is a hilarious turn around from the calls for Nova to be in the Heisman race, says that Kyle Flood is going to lose his job if he keeps starting Nova.

Finally, here's some instant analysis of the game from I highly recommend require that you read the comments section on this one, because it's beautiful.

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That's all for now. Stick with BSD all day for more reactions and coverage on Rutgers before we shift into UMass hate week.