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Inside the Locker Room: Player Interviews after the Rutgers Game

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We were able to make it into the post-game media session, and speak to some of the heroes in Penn State's 13-10 win at Rutgers.

First, a couple quotes I wasn't able to get on camera:

DaeSean Hamilton is well aware of the "BaeSean" nickname that our own Chad Markulics came up with, and, what's more, says he's been getting shit for it from his teammates. "Hack has been making fun of me all week," he said.

Unfortunately, another meme isn't as well-known among the Penn State players. I asked Adrian Amos about the run-stuffing tackles he made at the line, but he said that he wasn't concerned about getting caught between the poop and the fart and, in fact, had never heard the phrase. But "it sounds like something Jordan would say."

Here's some stuff we did get to talk about (among a whole lot more):

  • Christian Hackenberg, on his thoughts about the Wildcat offense (he's a fan)
  • Mike Hull, on what was said in the locker room after Penn State went into the half down 10-0
  • Austin Johnson, on what makes Anthony Zettel so successful (and how he helps)
  • Geno Lewis, on how Penn State practices to make the 2-minute drill so successful
  • Brandon Bell, on what it was like to find out he'd be playing in a bowl game in his career
So, yeah. Watch, enjoy, and if this is something you like, we'll try and bring you more of it in the future.