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Success with Hyperlinking: The Struggle

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After a stressful game vs #BigTenPowerhouseRutgers the Nittany Lions look forward to the Minuteman,

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Gary Nova.

Looking Back at Rutgers (then not looking back at them until next year)

The Big Ten Powerhouse jumped out to a 10-0 on their way to half time. Nova had 3 Interceptions to that point, but he wasn't done. Nova gonna Nova, and he Nova'd a lot in last weeks game. He wrecking-balled a lot, to say the least. As the Nova'ing continued, Penn State rose and rose until they finally took the game from the Scarlet Knights hands.

Getting away from Nova, there was much heartbreak and butthurt from #BTPR Nation. A lot of the Rutgers team played very well in this game. The Defensive Line was electric in both the 1st and the 2nd half. The Darius Hamilton led line was destructive all game for the Scarlet Knights, and Christian Hackenberg's performance reflected as much. In is certainly not a loss to be ashamed of, and if they would have had any sort of efficient QB Play (Sorry, Gary) they would have walked through the game with ease.

A few Good PennLive articles came down the pipe following the PSU-#BTPR game. "Fighters to the Finish", a piece detailing Bob Shoop's success, and Daesean Hamilton's perspective on the offense and where they stand were some of the ones the stuck out to me most.

Rutgers played a good game and fought from beginning to end with energy. That should be praised. Now, what should not be praised is how their fanbase acted throughout.

One Example:

More examples can be seen on the Rutgers Rivals page as well as OnTheBanks comment sections, and none of which were done in very good taste. I understand trying to build up the "Rivalry", but be respectful, especially in a public setting.

Rutgers, however, did apologize, though, which should not go unnoticed.

#MacPowerhouseUmass ?

No, thankfully. This week we face the 0-3 Umass Minutemen.

They almost took down the Vanderbilt Commodores, James Franklin's former team. (Their new coach, Derek Mason had a fiery speech both before and after the UMass game). 34-31, they were this close to going to Overtime. #CollegeKickers happened for the Minutemen unfortunately.

One of the interesting developments this week is that Penn State will be doing a "Joe-Out" which is of course influenced by Joe Paterno, and the re-installation of the bowl games.

Bang, Bang. Parting Shots.

-Y'all like videos, I got videos. Christian Hackenberg vs Akron, and vs Rutgers are now both up on Draftbreakdown. Expect the rest of the videos (Zettel, Barnes etc...) to be tweeted out on my personal twitter account, @PSUPG. I'll try to get a fanpost up too.

-Something to keep an eye on: Hackenberg is 35/71 in his two MAC games so far in his college Career (Kent State 2013 and Akron 2014). Umass is a MAC team. I'm not saying anything in particular, but hopefully third times a charm.

^Christian Hackenberg is currently on pace to break the B1G Passing Record in a Single Season. Of note.

-Both Geno Lewis and Daesean Hamilton were both named to the Biletnikoff Award Watchlist.

Not Penn State Related

I've been telling this to anybody who will listen, but over at CollegeAndMagnolia, SBN's Auburn site, David Speck/WarRoomEagle (a Film Room type writer) is putting out TERRIFIC Work. His Profile can be found here. The articles also serve as an awesome "Look how awesome Gus Malzahn is, guys" message.