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Black Shoe Podcast - Episode 2.4 - Penn State vs. UMass!

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The #BSP talks about the atmosphere at #BigTenPowerhouseRutgers, offensive inconsistency and defensive dominance, and this weekend's game against UMass!

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23-2.  That's the Nittany Lions all-time record against the Scarlet Knights after Saturday's prime time victory!   Adam (@AdamCollyer), Cari (@NotCarlotta), and Bill (@bflip33) get back in the virtual studio in Brooklyn to discuss the atmosphere in Piscataway for Big Ten Powerhouse Rutgers' first foray into the Big Ten Conference, Penn State's offensive inconsistencies and defensive prowess, and this week's upcoming game against the UMass Minutemen at 4:00 p.m. on BTN!

Some fun things to note:

  • Adam and Bill give props to the Rutgers fan showing at High Point Solutions Stadium.  Cari was unimpressed.
  • The defense looks dominant and well coached.  Everyone seems to agree.  Cari doesn't argue about the 3-2-6 this week.  Bill can hardly get words out of his mouth.  I promise this still manages to be a quality segment.
  • Give credit where credit is due - the Scarlet Knights' front 7 can cause problems for anyone.  But Adam, Cari, and Bill talk about Christian Hackenberg's discomfort, the offensive line's difficulty, and the problems with the Wildcat.
  • Everyone praises Bill Belton for a job well done this week, and notes how impressive Geno Lewis and DaeSean Hamilton have been so far.
  • The spread for this weekend's game against UMass is PSU -30.  Rather than straight predictions, Adam asks Cari and Bill if Penn State can cover.  Adam makes a bold prediction and a promise if the Minutemen score in double digits.
  • Blake Frohnapfel.
All that and much more on this week's episode of the #BlackShoePodcast!

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