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UMass at Penn State Post Game Link Dump

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All of your post game commentary in one handy recap.

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Penn State paid UMass $850,000 to come to Beaver Stadium yesterday so our Lions could punch and kick them in the head.  Lots of people were paid to write their opinions of said beating.  Here those opinions are in one convenient post.  It's the Post Game Link Dump.

The Penn State Beat

Poleaxed is the verb Bob Flounders used to describe the 48-7 score.  He likes the PSU defense.  Bob also gives us five things he learned from Saturday.

David Jones called it "a beautiful day for a ritual sacrifice."

Greg Pickel spoke with DJ Crook, who took his first game snaps Saturday.

Audrey Snyder compiles a list of miscellaneous observations.

Joe Hermitt has your game day photos.

Mark Wogenrich claims Penn State rolled.

Frank Bodani writes about the running backs.

Rich Scarcella writes about the offensive line.

Mark Dent loves the wildcat.

John Stuetz noticed that Penn State ran for a lot of yards on offense.

Former BSDer Ben Jones turns in a cool perspective on the rush defense.  He also has grades.

Friend of BSD Victory Bell Rings' Barry Leonard Jr called it a dominating win.

Sorry - no Altoona Mirror links.  You have to pay to read Cory Geiger and Neil Rudel.

The UMass Beat

The Boston Globe writes that, unlike the prior two weeks, UMass was simply outclassed.

The Boston Herald only has the sterile AP wire story.