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Penn State Wrestling Recruiting Update

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Let's take another look at recruiting before the wrestling season starts.

We've had a flurry of activity in recent weeks on the wrestling recruiting trail.  Unfortunately, none of that activity resulted in Penn State commitments.  Penn State is still Oh-fer-2015.

That's not surprising.  As discussed over the summer, Penn State took a big class last year, addressing needs two years out.  There simply are no immediate, pressing, gotta-have-someone needs for the Lions.  Casey and the brothers Sanderson designed their 2015 recruiting plan way back in 2013, and they're sticking to it.  So...


Recent Commitments

1.  Long Island's Nick Piccininni, the #6 overall recruit and #1 at 125lbs verballed to Oklahoma State.

Penn State had been an early favorite, but Nick never made an official visit to State College.  With Piccininni off the board, our Lions likely focus on 2016 to find the heir at 125lbs.  Luke Pletcher and Nick Suriano figure prominently.  One other name to keep an eye on, for this season, is Boiling Springs' Korbin Myers.  The District III product could be a Conaway-like sleeper.

2.  Governor Mifflin's Jan Johnson chose to play football at Akron.

Johnson is PA's #6 overall recruit, looking like a future 197lber.  He's also a Penn State wrestling legacy.  But football is pretty fun, too, and he'll instead by playing linebacker for the Zips.

3.  Jordan Wood (Boyertown) is heading to Lehigh.

Wood is the 2014 Cadet World Silver Medalist and 2-time PIAA state runner-up.  But with just 9.9 scholarships and Nick Nevills already in State College, Penn State didn't stand much of a chance.

4.  Iowa took 2016 Kaleb Young (Punxsutawney).

Young placed 5th last year in the deep 138-lb class at PIAAs, but he projects to 157/165.  Kaleb's ahead of the game, with somewhere around 18 months to go until he can actually sign.  And Penn State was his other personal favorite.  So, who knows?   Things can change.  But we wish him well even if he sticks to Iowa City.

5.  Billy Barnes (Williamson) picked Bloomsburg.

Barnes was AA runner-up at 145-lb as a junior, and has transferred to Southern Columbia for his senior year.  Barnes is #14 among the 2015 class.

6.  Kyle Shoop (Boiling Springs) is heading to Lock Haven.

Shoop's placed 3rd as a sophomore and 2nd as a junior at PIAAs (AA), wrestling 132 last season.  As noted above, Shoop's teammate Korbin Myers is still on the board.

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Other Rumors

Vincenzo Joseph (Pittsbugh CC, #5 nationally) and Michael Kemerer (Franklin Regional, #10 nationally) are traveling to Iowa City together to visit the Hawks this weekend. Both project to 149/157 at the next level.  The rumor is that Kemerer isn't looking at Penn State.  Joseph is, and supposedly he's been to the Lorenzo Wrestling Complex already.  (Fingers crossed.)