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BSD Mailbag 9.25.14

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We're gonna answer questions now, if that's ok

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Any chance we can convince this kid to come play football at Penn State? I think our line could use a 7’, 380 lb. recruit. -- Success With Honor Always

Well he certainly has the size to be an, uh, really tall and large football player. As for ability, that remains to be seen, but if he's not a four-star prospect, why would James Franklin go after him? Such one-, two-, and three-star peasants are not worth of wearing the blue and white.

This also raises another question: why hasn't there ever been a 7-foot tall wide receiver? Or just someone absurdly tall who creates a complete matchup nightmare? Like he puts his arms straight up, he's 10 feet tall, and when he jumps, he gets up to like 12 feet high? Just think about it, CJF. Something to consider for the future.

In what cities are car commercials filmed? Like, every single car commercial shows the car they’re selling driving on these empty roads at night through some nondescript and bland city. Where the hell are these places? -- Bob Sacamano

Empty city where cars roam freely? Sounds like Detroit. Only after the most aggressive spit shine ever, because the cities don't look like hell.

Is the Wrestling Team going to continue to DOMINATE? Or are we in for a down year or two? Some serious talent moved on…… -- airleg1

Well, how do you define "down year"? If that means an actual down year -- that PSU struggles and doesn't win the Big Ten and isn't one of the 20 best programs in the country -- the answer is probably not. Penn State still destroys everyone in recruiting, and Cael Sanderson is a magician. However, if you want another year with a national championship where Penn State is far and away the best program in America and easily the best team in the Big Ten, perhaps that's a bit out there. We'll find out when the season starts.

What should we expect from the second year of Hockey in the Valley -- airleg1

The hope is that the team will continue to build towards a successful future, whether that's a year, five years, or 10 years down the road. It should improve, and it certainly helps that the squad has some of the best facilities in the nation in a place that is hockey crazy. Don't expect a national title or anything, but expect steady growth and development.

When will CJF troll radio stations in College Park and Columbus? -- otholion

Wait until Penn State either A) beats the hell out of Maryland and Ohio State or B) there are tantalizing recruits in both places. Also, why keep it just in those places? Imagine Franklin calling into radio stations in like Florida or Texas where children are genetically bred to be amazing recruits? Also, why does James Franklin think recruits -- who are children -- listen to radios?

What's up with Micha? She had 21 aces across four matches last weekend. She had twelve in two matches on Friday. Is she doing that much better or is just the competition isn’t used to facing her serve? -- Elihu

Micha Hancock just has the best serve in college volleyball and maybe on the planet, is all.

Who gets fired first: Beckman or Hoke? -- bveo12

Tim Beckman is going to get fired, it's just likely that he lasts the entire season, because nobody cares about Illinois football. Hoke is interesting. No school likes to pretend that everything is perfectly fine more than Michigan, so there's a good chance that Hoke lasts the entire season. However, if Michigan struggles all year? He may get fired mid-season. If/When Michigan loses to Ohio State, he may get Kiffin'd. Basically, it's gonna be Hoke.

So, after BO’B left, it was no real secret that Al Golden was on the short list for head coach candidates. He did the noble thing and stayed at Miami, committed to his players. But now Miami is having a pretty rotten season, and the rumor mill is spitting out stories that he may be fired at season’s end. So, if such an occurrence were to come to pass, do you think he’d rue not taking the job at his dream school? Or do you think he’d have done the noble thing regardless? -- Lucius429

Al Golden made the wrong decision, we can all agree on that. Miami has a ton of talent, so maybe he's just the kind of coach that makes ok teams good, good team good, and great teams good? It's weird. Regardless, he probably really struggled with the "commit to Miami or make myself available to PSU" decision, and now that it looks like he made the wrong call, he's probably rather upset.

How many more dumb things does Winston do this year and do they get him suspended again? -- skarocksoi

Please. Jameis may have 20 people following him at all times to keep him on the straight and narrow for the rest of this season. The dumbest thing he's going do for the rest of this season will be taking too long deciding between chicken and carnitas at Chipotle.

Who has been our biggest surprise on offense (besides Ham- he is too obvious)? Defense? Special teams? -- Dbridi

Akeel Lynch looks like a superstar, but we all kind of expected that, so let's say Andrew Nelson. People have suggested moving him to left tackle, which is a testament to how solid he's been (and how poor Donovan Smith has played, neither here nor there). Defense, let's say Brandon Bell, he's been everywhere this season. He's going to be a star. Special teams, Chris Gulla has been good, but Sam Ficken has been fantastic. We'll go with Ficken, because while we all expected him to be good, I don't know if anyone expected him to be this good.