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Big Ten Preview: Week Five

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Each of the Big Ten conference contests in bloggerific preview.

How many tickets do I get with this five-gallon jug of Coca Cola?
How many tickets do I get with this five-gallon jug of Coca Cola?
Leon Halip

B1G > SEC, now proven by science.

Wyoming @ #9 Michigan State

When: Saturday, 12pm ET

Line: Michigan State -27.5

Over/Under: 47.5

Following their launch of Rob Bolden into space through the Earth, the Spartans now host Wyoming. This shouldn't be much of a contest, combined with Nebraska's near bye week against Illinois means both teams will be rested for their marquee match-up next Saturday.

Iowa @ Purdue

When: Saturday, 12pm ET

Line: Iowa -9

Over/Under: 47

Last week, Iowa defeated Pitt in front of a crowd of dozens, so it's unknown if they'll be able to handle the crowd noise of the hundred or so people that mistakenly happen to wander into wherever this Purdue football thing is held. Ferentz had the Hawkeyes prepare by practicing in the library, while the team researched the question, "What is Purdue?"

Tulane @ Rutgers

When: Saturday, 3:30pm ET

Line: Rutgers -12

Over/Under: 55

Big Ten Powerhouse Rutgers play the Tulane. Will New Jersey be able to turn away from Derek Jeter's penultimate game long enough to pay attention? No dice. Better luck next week Knights.

South Florida @ #19 Wisconsin

When: Saturday, 12pm ET

Line: Wisconsin -34

Over/Under: 51

Wisconsin remembered the run game last week, so their passing game problems may become less of an issue. 750 yards of rushing don't happen every week, but South Florida doesn't seem to have ability to force the passing game to carry the load and Steven Bench isn't pulling the trigger to keep it a shootout.

Maryland @ Indiana

When: Saturday, 1:30pm ET

Line: Indiana -3.5

Over/Under: 69.5

So, you're telling me a Big Ten team that ended up in bottom half of the conference went into the defending SEC East champion's house and came out with the victory? "Chaos Team" indeed. Football is weird, the team that lost to Bowling Green is now favored against Maryland. Indiana football gonna Indiana football, there's no predicting anything.

Minnesota @ Michigan

When: Saturday, 3:30pm ET

Line: Michigan -13

Over/Under: 43

Michigan looks like it's coming apart at the seams and Jerry Kill brings the Gophers to town to take the Little Brown Jug. Do you have any pride, Danny? The Wolverines season could quickly get real ugly if Michigan continues their current trajectory through the B1G season.

Cincinnati @ #22 Ohio State

When: Saturday, 6pm ET

Line: Ohio State -17

Over/Under: 62

The Buckeyes are coming off a bye, but this week has the feeling of a trap game. Gunner Kiel could have a big day if the Bearcats line gives him time to pick away at that Ohio State secondary that was lit on fire by Virginia Tech. The streak of Ohio could potentially be in danger this week.

Illinois @ #21 Nebraska

When: Saturday, 9pm ET

Line: Nebraska -21.5

Over/Under: 65.5

For some reason, Nebraska continues their slate of night games this season against... Illinois? The only drama is likely to be whether Tim Beckman can continue his important run of undefeated second halves. Next week starts some of the heavyweight conference games.