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MMQB: Who is Your Favorite Mascot?

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Let's talk about something other than the actual Penn State team this week.


First off, lol.

Let's just not talk about that this week. Instead, we're going to discuss a topic that I was about to write about after the Akron game but was inspired by another idea. This week, we're going to discuss this guy and all of his friends.



The Akron game being the boring game that it was, led me to spend a lot of time watching Zippy the Zip bumbling around the field. And it got me thinking. I love the Nittany Lion, don't get me wrong. He's the symbol of our best, as they say. He's iconic, he's been around forever, and he always knows just what to say when the camera is in his face. He's great, and he always will be. But can I honestly say he's my favorite mascot? No, I cannot.

If I grew up watching Penn State then maybe my answer to this question would be different, but I didn't, so it's not. Mascots are awesome. It takes a lot to truly mess up a mascot, because even when they're terrible, they're usually so terrible that they're hilarious. Like Lil' Red.



But the best part about mascots is that there are so many to choose from! From the Tree to the Horned Frog, they're all funny in their own way. But the fun doesn't even have to stop at the college level! There's the Mariner MooseMr. Met, and Blue the Colt to help keep the fun going in the professional ranks. There are the mascots sworn to silence like our Nittany Lion and all of the aforementioned costumed cheerleaders, and then there are the vocal ones like the Leprechaun and the Trojan.

So I ask you, loyal readers, who is your favorite college mascot? Do you have a reason why they are your favorite? Please feel free to post a picture or a link with your response so we can all share in your joy. And for the sake of variety, we'll say who is your favorite aside from the Nittany Lion.