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Success with Hyperlinking: Please be Gentle

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The 1st Success with Hyperlinking of the 2014 Season by first time SwH'er 'New' Nick Page.

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This is my first SwH so please be nice. Let's get into it.

Failure with Technology

As written upon by Penn Live's Bob Flounders, the Penn State coaches such as Coach Franklin and Donovan were without functioning headsets in the First Quarter of the Week 1 game in Ireland vs Central Florida. Coach Franklin of course described his headaches with the issue to Penn Live in the article.


The site previously mentioned pumped out a bunch of good articles since gameday. Once again written by Mr. Bob Flounders, has a very nice (concise) article describing Herb Hand's effect on the team and the emergence of the Breakout Pass Catchers; he also talks about Coach Hand's TV appearance.

As he described breakout Receivers, here's my shameless plug - Daesean Hamilton, the New A-Rob? (written by me)

Some Video Stuff

If you haven't gotten a chance to see some of the after game footage of Coach Franklin allow me to help you

James Franklin is Happy for $am Ficken (Franklin yelling "WHERE'S FICKEN" after the Game Winner)

Coach Franklin leading a "WE ARE" Chant after the Win

Then here's the Post Game conference with Hack and Coach JFrank

Franklin's comments on Lee Corso Video

A lot of you guys said you really appreciated the Offensive Cut of the UCF game which was featured in Ben Scaff's Film Room this week. Expect me to continue to make those throughout the remainder of the season. Here's the rest of the video, in case you missed them.

Christian Hackenberg vs UCF

Daesean Hamilton vs UCF (Only 2:30)

Jesse James vs UCF (Only 2:45)

Geno Lewis vs UCF (Only 3:30)

Quick Hitters

#Didyouknow that the Akron fanbase actually calls themselves #ZipNation on Twitter? I was making fun of an Akron fan and I found this out myself. Thought it was relevant.

Akron's Quarterback, Kyle Phol, was named the Mac East - Offensive Player of the Week in Week 1. He's a threat.

Gamblers: If you're a gambler, the Penn State - Akron game's spread is dwindling. Seeing itself as high as 17 at one time, the line has steadily decreased, now getting down to 14.5 on most publications.

And here's where Coach Franklin's head is at moving towards the game on Saturday vs Akron.