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Penn State vs Akron: Postgame Links Roundup

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What does everyone else have to say about yesterday's victory over the Akron Zips?

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You aren't sure who our next opponent is, coach? I'm not buying it, but that's some quality trolling.

Over at the Hustle Belt, they speak on Akron's missed opportunities on Saturday--and they aren't wrong.

Former BSD staffer Ben Jones focuses on Christian Hackenberg, and his decision making (good and bad), in his column from late yesterday.

Allen Robinson who? Twwl's Penn State blog asked what we learned about the Lions this week, and Moyer says that PSU might have the best corps of receivers in the conference. The kicker? He may not be far off. #TeamBaeSean

It's not just the freshman. Donnie Collins published an in-depth piece on Geno Lewis' respectable follow up performance Saturday to the season opener...and then harps on the dichotomy behind Hackenberg's performance against the Zips.

Devon didn't do his grades this week, but if he had, I bet even he wouldn't have been as pessimistic as the folks over at the Times Leader. Woof. It was a win, folks--and grading the running backs with a D but the offensive line with a C, when the RBs couldn't run because the line couldn't run block, seems patently unfair and backwards to me.

Bleacher Report Alert If Bleacher Report seems more reasonable in their grades than you, Times Leader, you're doing something wrong.

Over at the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Chris Adamski writes what we're all thinking--what's up with all of the yards on offense, without all of the points that traditionally accompany them?

Defense rules the day, as it rightly should, over in the Centre Daily Times' recap of the game.

More on Defense: much like what bscaff wrote about in We Are! 2014, Mike Poorman's late night column from State focused on Shoop's affinity for blitzes, and how changing up the defense worked to Penn State's great advantage yesterday.

Even more on Defense: Penn Live's recap focuses on that side of the ball, because let's face it--it's good to be a defense-first squad again (for now, at least).

"Sheesh, that's so 2005."--an actual line from this Comcast Sports Net Philly piece on the game.

Lancaster online draws a lot of comparisons to the NFL, and the Eagles in particular, in their write up; additionally, Franklin professes his love of the wildcat (which was, incidentally, the only decent source of ground game yardage Saturday).

Tom Dienhart gives PSU his second best grade in the conference, as well as Hack improving stock (somewhat surprising)--improving over last week? But of all the defenses that he has trending up, the absence of the Lions' is a little surprising.

The official recap is chock full-o-stats.

As always, Devon had BSD's quick reaction to the game, and Hey Wha Happen? went up earlier this morning.

Lastlyin a piece focusing on fan reaction to the game...we're somewhat spoiled as Penn State fans. Or at least that's how it reads to this blogger.