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Black Shoe Podcast LIVE! - Sanctions Lifted!

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A very special #BlackShoePodcast LIVE to commemorate a big day for Penn State athletics!

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It's the most important podcast in the history of Black Shoe Diaries, and yesterday, Adam (@AdamCollyer), Cari (@NotCarlotta), and Bill (@bflip33) went LIVE! on BlogTalkRadio! The most recent installment of Senator George Mitchell's report is out and the news out of State College is that the sanctions put in place in the wake of the Jerry Sandusky scandal and the Freeh Report have been lifted! Penn State is eligble to go bowling for the first time since 2011, and James Franklin will have a full compliment of scholarships to hand out. #BSP commemorates the day with Nittany Nation with our first truly live broadcast, and you can relive it here!

Some highlights:

  • Adam runs down a history of the scandal and sanctions in under 2 minutes
  • The hosts discuss the kind of impact this decision has on expectations for the 2014 season and moving forward
  • Adam, taking a cue from yesterday's GIF thread, wonders if Bill O'Brien would have stayed for another year if he knew this decision was imminent.  Cari and Bill offer their opinions, and the hosts discuss how O'Brien and James Franklin are the best options for their respective times with the program.
  • The largely unspoken piece of yesterday's news is that all of the sanctions were not lifted.  There's still the matter of those 111 wins that we all actually witnessed during the Joe Paterno era.
  • Adam calls for bowl projections.  No one wants to answer, but we all agree that the Pinstripe Bowl or the Holiday Bowl could be kind of awesome.

On behalf of all three of us, I have to say we're thrilled that so many people were able to tune in and listen to us live, and even tweet along with the podcast (particularly on such minimal notice).  #BSPLIVE was a complete success, and we'll be attempting to bring more of these to you in the future.  Stick around for our regular show later this week, when we talk all things Big Ten Powerhouse Rutgers!

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