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New Year's Day Bowl Games Open Thread

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Are you excited about watching some great college football match-ups today? All encompassingly.

Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

Nearly every year, New Year's Day is the premier day for fans of good college football (and the Big Ten is well-represented, in all but one of the games)--and this year doesn't disappoint. So, despite the Nittany Lions' season being over, sit back, relax, and enjoy some stress-free football with your friends here at BSD.

The games we'll be following today:


Outback Bowl - #17 Wisconsin (10-3) vs #19 Auburn (8-4) (ESPN2)


Cotton Bowl - #7 Michigan State (10-2) vs #4 Baylor (11-1) (ESPN)

1 pm:

Citrus Bowl - #16 Mizzou (10-3) vs Minnesota (8-4) (ABC)

5:10 pm:

Rose Bowl (Playoff Semifinal #1) - #2 FSU (13-0) vs #3 Oregon (12-1) (ESPN)

8:30 pm:

Sugar Bowl (Playoff Semifinal #2) - #4 Ohio State (12-1) vs #1 Alabama (12-1) (ESPN)