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Wrestling Wreport: Penn State Pins Indiana

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The Nittany Lion Wrestling team demolishes Indiana 42-3


They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and the lead photo pretty much tells the story of Indiana's night.  The look on Moody's face is basically how Indiana felt.  This was a slaughter from the start and was over in an hour and a half.

165: #4 Taylor Walsh IND dec. Garett Hammond PSU, 9-6

Hammond was aggressive early but a bit too aggressive as Walsh turned two Hammond shot attempts into takedowns and started building up riding time.  Hammond fought off any turn attempts by Walsh but the 1st ended with a Walsh lead 5-2.  Hammond chose down to start the 2nd and it was a bad choice as Walsh would ride out the entire period sealing the riding time point.  Walsh chose down to start the 3rd and quickly escaped.  Just when it looked like Walsh would easily cruise to a decision, Hammond came out firing.  Garett never gave up and converted two single leg shots into two scores.  He cut Walsh each time and almost scored a third takedown as time ran out.  The scoreboard may show Hammond lost by 3 points but you have to be downright thrilled at the effort Hammond displayed.  Most young wrestlers have a difficult time on bottom and Hammond is no different.  If he corrects that, he could make some noise this spring.

174: #4 Matt Brown PSU pinned #19 Nate Jackson IND, WBF (4:10)

What was supposed to be one of the night's most anticipated matches turned into a drubbing.  Hulk Hands came out aggressive, taking Jackson down three times in the 1st.  He chose down to start the 2nd, quickly escaped and quickly got another takedown.  This time, though, Brown worked the legs and turned Jackson for the fall.  Brown's had a bit of an inconsistent year so far but if he wrestles like that he has a high ceiling.

184: #16 Matt McCutcheon PSU pinned Jake Masengale IND, WBF (0:55)

Matt McCutcheon must have had a hot date because he grabbed Masengale and threw him to his back in 55 seconds.  Nothing to see here, move along...

197: #4 Morgan McIntosh PSU dec. Luke Sheridan IND, 6-3

Most Penn State faithful were hoping for bonus from SmackIntosh, but it turned out to be quite the snoozer.  Morgan took his time before getting the takedown and rideout 2 minutes into the 1st.  McIntosh chose down to start the 2nd, quickly escaped and converted a Sheridan shot into a counter takedown and a 5-0 lead after a short rideout. McIntosh clinched the riding time point in the 3rd as Sheridan chose down but the Hoosier did escape.  Morgan fired a sloppy shot that was easily countered by Sheridan for a takedown and that was all the scoring.

285: Jon Gingrich PSU dec. Garret Goldman IND, 6-2

Gingrich came out firing and notched a takedown early.  He nearly turned Goldman, but there was no more scoring as the 1st period ended. Goldman chose down to start the 2nd but Gingrich clinched the riding time point before Goldman escaped.  Gingrich chose down to start the last period and quickly escaped.  Gingrich added another takedown, cut Goldman but could not get any more points.  Jon walked away with a hard fought 6-2 decision.

125: #8 Jordan Conaway PSU win by forfeit

133: #10 Jimmy Gulibon PSU tech fall Alonzo Shepherd IND, 20-4 (TF; 5:53)

Gulibon exploded out of the gate, getting two quick takedowns early.  He then turned Shepherd and nearly pinned him (I think he was pinned), but the period ended with Gulibon up 7-1.  Shepherd chose down and quickly escaped to start the 2nd.  Gulibon kept up the attack and added two more takedowns.  Gulibon then cut Shepherd and started looking for bonus. Gulibon slid behind Shepherd for another takedown and started looking for the turn.  Gulibon's pressure on top forced a stall warning and a stall point as the 2nd ended with Jimmy up 14-4. Gulibon chose down, quickly escaped, and started looking for the tech fall.  Gulibon scored the takedown, turned Shepherd and ended the match getting the tech fall 20-4 at 5:53.

141: Kade Moss PSU pinned Sean Brown IU, WBF (5:43)

That's the Kade Moss we thought we knew.  Moss toyed with Brown racking up the takedowns and controlling the match.  But none of that was as sweet as  the old school head lock Moss hit to pin Brown in the 3rd at the 5:43.  Moss left out a loud grunt and planted Brown for the fall.

149: #17 Zack Beitz PSU maj. dec. Trevor Moody IND, 14-4

Beitz pushed the action early and got the takedown.  He was tough on top trying to turn Moody for backpoints.  He couldn't score but he did build up riding time and forced a Moody stall warning before cutting him. He then converted two more takedowns including a quick ankle pick that probably made Sanderson smile (on the inside).  The period ended with Beitz in control.  Moody chose down to start the 2nd and quickly escaped.  But Beitz was relentless, forced a point on another stall call, and converted on a takedown attempt.  A short rideout had Beitz up 9-3 with the riding time point clinched. Beitz chose down and got a reversal but Moody got the escape.  Beitz wasn't done as he got another takedown and rode the period out.

157: #8 Dylan Alton PSU dec. Alex Gregory IND, 2-0

In what was the most boring match of the night, Dylan Alton used a 2nd period escape and a 3rd period rideout to win 2-0 with the riding time point.  It was nice to see Alton strong on top but you would hope that Dylan could score more points considering his opponent.