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MMQB: Did the 2014 Penn State Football Team Meet Your Preseason Expectations?

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We're going to use a time machine in this scenario.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Go find a time machine really quickly and have the following conversation with yourself from right before the 2014 Penn State football season started:

Current you: "Hey guy/gal, how's it going?"

Past you: "Are you me from the future?"

Current you: "Yeah! I am. I'm here because Bill from Black Shoe Diaries wrote a thing..."

Past you: "Screw that asshole."

Current you: "Well, yes. He's not as bad as Polak but he's still awful."

Past you: "Yeah you're right."

*both of you chortle at how bad Nick is at everything*

Current you: "Anyway, I'm here to tell you what happens with the 2014 Penn State football season. The Nittany Lions are going to go 7-6 and will win the Pinstripe Bowl in dramatic fashion against Boston College. Oh yeah the bowl ban gets lifted, forgot to mention that."

Past you: "Thanks for spoiling it now I can spend my Saturdays with my family."

Both of you, simultaneously: "lol"

Current you: "So 7-6, and the good news is that the defense was arguably the best in the country. Seriously, you're going to love it. The bad news is that the offense was horrific for basically all of the season. Here are the specifics..."

*Current you tells Past you all of the specific details about this year, including the fact that Penn State should have beaten Ohio State and the Buckeyes are 12 hours away from playing from a national title, and that PSU is cleaning up in recruiting*

Current you: "Knowing all of that, what do you think?"

Let's get back to right now for the bolded italicized part: Did the 2014 Penn State Nittany Lion football team meet your preseason expectations? How would Past you respond to the question posed by Current you knowing everything we know now? Does this scenario make you wish that time travel was possible? Why or why not?