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Report: NCAA Considering Restoring Wins It Took Away From Penn State Football

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According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, the NCAA is reconsidering its sanctions against Penn State, including the 111 wins it vacated from 1998-2011.

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Here is a link to the Inquirer's report, and it's full of interesting details. According to staff writer Susan Snyder, the main reason that these discussion are occurring are because of the "looming court battle" over the validity of the consent decree that Penn State signed which led to the sanctions.

Details of the negotiations were unclear Monday but the talks seemed designed to stave off a looming court battle and drown out a longstanding drumbeat of criticism from Penn State alumni and Paterno supporters.

It comes a month before a trial planned in Commonwealth Court over a lawsuit filed by State Treasurer Robert McCord and State Sen. Jake Corman (R., Centre) challenging the validity of the consent decree.

Snyder's report says that this could lead to the NCAA restoring Joe Paterno's wins. The other thing that is reportedly on the table is the $60 million fine the NCAA levied against the school. There is reportedly a deal on the table that would "leave the $60 million fine levied by the league within the state and the university, to be used for child protection."


Joe Paterno won 409 football games during his time as Penn State's head football coach. I know this, you know this, every human being capable of rational thought knows this.

However, thanks to the NCAA's sanctions against Penn State, Paterno's name only has 298 wins next to it in the record books. However, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer, that may not be the case much longer. According to the newspaper, the NCAA is reportedly reconsidering the sanctions against PSU, and it is in talks about restoring the 111 wins it took away from Paterno in July of 2012.

The Inquirer is also reporting that the $60 million fine levied against Penn State by the NCAA will be used in state and even within the university to prevent child abuse. If you remember, this was the opus of what the lawsuit began with.