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Wrestling Wreport: Penn State Loses to Ohio State

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The Penn State Wrestling team traveled to Columbus Sunday and dropped a 15-22 dual to #3 Ohio State


If Cael Sanderson didn't know where his team sits in the pecking order of the major players in College Wrestling, he knows now because Ohio State soundly beat the Lions Sunday afternoon.  Don't get me wrong, Ohio State is a solid team at every weight but to say the results were disappointing is a big understatement.  Let's take a look at the individual results

125: #7 Nathan Tomasello OSU maj. dec. #8 Jordan Conaway PSU, 11-2

This was a major test for Jordan and let's just say he failed. Tomasello came out of the gate and got a takedown and 3 nearfall points in the first minute of action.  You can't give up 5 points from the get-go and expect to climb out of hole that big against a top-10 wrestler. Worse yet, after an escape, Conaway was in deep on a shot, couldn't convert, and gave up a late takedown to end the 1st.  From that point forward Conaway's job was to keep from getting majored and he couldn't even do that.  This wasn't a mismatch the two wrestlers are (were) ranked almost identical, Jordan has some work to do.

133:#10 Jimmy Gulibon PSU dec. #4 Johnni DiJulius OSU, 5-4

One of the few bright spots for Penn State was Gulibon's mild upset of DiJulius.  DiJulius struck first with his patent takedown off the 2 on 1 tie up but Gulibon didn't panic and worked his way for a reversal to tie the score. DiJulius escaped and the period ended with Gulibon down 3-2. Jimmy chose down to start the 2nd and quickly escaped to tie the score again.  Gulibon did his best to stay away from the tie ups and managed two good deep shots but couldn't finish either.  The match went to the 3rd still tied. DiJulius chose down and quickly escaped to a 4-3 lead.  Gulibon kept up the offense and finally converted a takedown with 1:10 to go.  Gulibon then rode the period out and won on riding time 5-4.  Good, relentless offense and strong determined control from the top position.  Jimmy is really putting it together this season and should find himself ranked in the top 10 this week.

141: #1 Logan Stieber OSU pinned Kade Moss PSU, WBF (2:51)

To absolutely no one's surprise Stieber got the early takedown and wrenched Kade over for the fall.  I will say this, at least Moss came out shooting--he's just not in the same class as Stieber.

149: #6 Hunter Stieber OSU dec. #17 Zack Beitz PSU, 7-2

This match was actually a lot closer than the final score appears.  Beitz had several good shots and almost converted on a counter but was unable to score.  Stieber got the initial takedown and Beitz quickly escaped but Stieber got a late takedown to lead 4-1 at the end of 1.  The late takedown was a killer for Beitz and he was never able to recover.  The same thing happened in the 2nd, Beitz chose down and got the escape.  Beitz was in deep several times could not covert and Steiber came out of a scramble in control as the buzzer sounded to end the 2nd.  Stieber escaped to start the 3rd, Beitz was in several more times but could not convert.  Beitz didn't wrestle bad at all, he just could not finish any of his shots and got really unlucky with the timing of the takedowns.  If these two meet again I think the score will be much closer.

157: #8 Dylan Alton PSU dec. #5 Josh Demas OSU, 3-1 (sv)

Alton and Demas spent the better part of 7 minutes hand fighting although Alton was in deep several times but could not convert.  Two escapes later and we were heading to overtime.  Alton shot in quickly and was nearly countered for the winning Takedown by Demas but Dylan was able to fight it off.  After the restart Alton shot in with 10 seconds left, gained control, and scored as time ran out.  This was a good weekend for Alton, he wrestled both matches and had plenty of gas left in the tank even in overtime.  It wasn't pretty and there wasn't a lot of offense but I think we'll take two wins, including an upset win over a top-ten wrestler.

165: #6 Bo Jordan OSU dec. Garett Hammond PSU, 10-6

Hammond is so close to breaking through.  Jordan was the aggressor early notching two takedowns to take a 4-1 lead after 1.  Hammond chose down and escaped and briefly tied the score at 4 with a takedown of his own.  Jordan escaped but Hammond was in deep again but Jordan countered and got control after a scramble. After a Hammond escape the period ended with Garett down 7-5.  Garett rode Jordan long enough to erase the riding time advantage and cut Jordan.  Hammond pushed the offense but Jordan got the bout's final takedown and won 10-6.

174: #4 Matt Brown PSU pinned Dominic Prezzia OSU, WBF (4:27)

The job for Matt Brown was simple: Penn State needed bonus points to have a chance.  That job was made easier when OSU trotted backup Dominic Prezzia to the mat.  Prezzia's job was to give up as few points as possible and hopefully not get pinned.  It didn't work out as Brown dominated the 1st with a quick takedown and looked for the pin. Prezzia spent the better part of the 1st period bellied and it forced a stall call. Prezzia chose down to start the 2nd and Brown turned him for 2 near fall.  Brown then cut Prezzia, took him down, and hulked him over for the pin.  That made the score 12-16 and Penn State had a chance.

184: #11 Kenny Courts OSU dec. #16 Matt McCutcheon PSU, 4-2

The two ranked wrestlers battled through a scoreless 1st period with Courts getting the better chances. McCutcheon chose down and got the escape and forced a stall warning on Courts.  The two traded shots but no one scored. Courts chose down and quickly escaped to tie the score.  Courts finally connected and scored the bouts first takedown.  Courts rode McCutcheon long enough to build up just over a minute in riding time.  After a McCutcheon escape Courts spent the remainder of the 3rd keeping out of Matt's reach and won 4-2 with riding time.

197: #7 Kyle Snyder OSU dec. #4 Morgan McIntosh PSU, 6-1

With Penn State down by 7, Morgan McIntosh needed to show the "leadership" they talked about at the beginning of the season.  In a day of disappointments, McIntosh's loss to freshman Kyle Snyder was the biggest.  Don't get me wrong, Snyder is a very talented wrestler but freshman are usually bad at mat wrestling but it was Snyder that rode tough getting a takedown and ride out in the 2nd and clinching the riding time point in the 3rd.  That's not the outcome Penn State fans were expecting and it couldn't have come at a worse time.  The match was over for Penn State.

285: #6 Jimmy Lawson PSU dec. #10 Nick Tavanello OSU, 3-1

Lawson and Tavanello battled evenly through 2 1/2  periods with the only scoring coming in the way of escapes at the beginning of the 2nd and 3rd.  As time was running out Tavanello got in on a low shot attempt and nearly scored but Jimmy countered and after a scramble converted a high double and took Tavanello down for the winning takedown with 2 seconds left.