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Welcome Back To All Pickin' Nits

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School, friends, and the occasional heartburn and constipation come and go, but Pickin' Nits are forever.

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I love this time of the year. The beginning of classes obviously are on everyone's schedule now, but I try to find to find the positives out of ever situation. We're all creatures of habit and I like getting back into a schedule that doesn't consist of sitting on my ass all day waiting for something remotely interesting to happen.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy my breaks more than anyone else, but there's a pretty neat world I'd still like to enjoy.

So from the Black Shoe family to everyone else returning to Happy Valley this week, enjoy your 'Sylly Week' and let's get back to seeing what the Nits are up to.


Apparently the season started without me. The men and women got off to a roaring start to 2015.

The women won with a first place finish in a quad-meet over New Hampshire, Cornell and Rutgers.

Here's what I learned this week. There are events called vault, balance beam, floor exercises and uneven bars. Individual honors are handed out for each event as well and Penn State had one gymnast finish with two wins and placing in the other two.

Freshman Briannah Tsang won the vault and balance beam events helping the No. 16 ranked Nittany Lions with an impressive performance.

The No. 6 men defeated Army 426.7-403 (Talk about a defensive battle). It's going to take baby steps to fully comprehend what is actually going on with these flipper folks, but just keep on winning.

This Week Ahead: The men head to West Point ironically enough for the West Point Open and the women will head out to Lincoln for a dual with Nebraska on Saturday.

Swimming and Diving

With us all starting classes this week, I start counting now until it gets warmer outside. Warm enough outside to activities such as swimming and diving even.

It's still too damn cold for me to even think about swimming in the middle of January. HURRY UP SUN!

This Week Ahead: Both teams will travel to Joisy for a meet with Rutgers and Yale on Friday and Saturday.

Women's Ice Hockey

Let's hope the losing is out of the Nittany Lions' system after a week off. The last time we saw the ladies hit the ice, it wasn't a favorable decision against maybe the hottest athletic program in the country: The Ohio State University.

Hit 'em hard this week, ladies.

This Week Ahead: RIT comes into Pegula Ice Arena on Friday and Saturday.