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The 2014 BSD Reader Awards: Play of the Year

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A lot of really cool and good plays occurred this year. Here were the 10 best...

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

After much debate, we decided to expand the list of nominees for the best play of the 2014 Penn State football season to 10. Of course, we could have made this list much larger, but ultimately these were the plays that made us feel the strongest feels this year. First, here's the Gary Nova GIF:

That had nothing to do with Penn State but it was dope as hell.

Ok, now! Here we go. Here are your 10 nominees for the Play of the Year:

Now, the important thing with this category -- other than you waste time at work by watching all of these -- is to define "best play" however you want. It can be the most impressive play, the most important play, the funnest play, whatever. It's all on you.

Make sure you vote in the poll below, and if there are any other plays that should have been included, link to them in the comments.

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