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Success With Hyperlinking Is Out of Footballs to Play

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Here's your news since Monday's edition:

Best wishes go out to men's soccer player Brett Gravatt who was paralyzed during a snowboarding incident over Christmas break. He's in Atlanta now rehabbing the injury and a website has been set up to track his progress and to collect kind thoughts for the Nittany Lion sophomore. We're all thinking and praying for you, Brett.

Christian Hackenberg and Anthony Zettel were named to's All-Big Ten Postseason Team.

The basketball team is on a four-game losing streak and we've figured out the reason why. It was time for a new sacrifice.

Penn State football players set new academic records in the 2014 fall semester as 25 Lions were named to the Dean's List and 57 earned a GPA of 3.0 or higher. [Insert "Suck It, Emmert" here]

The football team is also making money! The Wall Street Journal crunched the numbers and found the Penn State program to be the 11th-most valuable in the country.

Speaking of money, the NCAA lost another court case dealing with money earlier this week as a federal judge struck down the organization's bid to declare Pennsylvania's Endowment Act unconstitutional. The Endowment Act is a state law that mandated that Penn State's $60 million fine be kept within the Commonwealth's borders to combat and prevent child abuse.

In another court case focusing on Penn State and its former employers, a Dauphin County judge ruled against the trio of Graham Spanier, Tim Curley and Gary Schultz in their motion to have former university counsel Cynthia Baldwin's grand jury testimony thrown out due to her misrepresentation of her representation.

There are reports that Penn State alum Mike Zordich (the father) will be joining Jim Harbaugh's staff at Michigan.

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