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Wrestling Wreport: Penn State Dominates Rutgers 28-6

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The Penn State Nittany Lions down Rutgers in front of a record crowd in Piscataway.


The Penn State wrestling team bounced back from a dual loss to win 8 of 10 bouts, including 4 majors, on their way to a convincing 28-6 win over the Scarlet Knights of Big Ten Powerhouse Rutgers.

125: #8 Jordan Conaway PSU maj. dec. Sean McCabe RUT, 10-2

Conaway came out shooting off the whistle but was countered and taken down by McCabe.  After a Conaway escape, it was McCabe in on the shot only to be countered and taken down by Conaway with 30 seconds left.  Conaway turned McCabe for 3 nearfall and the period ended with Jordan up 6-2.  McCabe chose down to start the second but Conaway dominated on top and rode the period out. Conaway chose down and quickly escaped.  Needing 2 more points to secure the major Conway got the final takedown and rode McCabe out to get 4 team points for Penn State.  Conaway did a good job of bouncing back from the awful match against OSU.

133: #7 Jimmy Gulibon PSU maj. dec. Scott DelVecchio RUT, 12-2

Gulibon, like most of his bouts, came out the aggressor and got a quick takedown off a high single.  While he was trying to turn DelVecchio he got hit with one of the strangest stall calls I've ever seen but maintained control long enough to build up riding time. DelVecchio escaped but was taken down again by a Guilbon high single and the period ended with Jimmy up 4-1.  Gulibon chose down to start the second, quickly escaped, and bulled his way to another takedown.  After a rideout the period ended with Gulibon up 7-1.  DelVecchio wisely chose neutral to start the 3rd but was taken down 2 more times and rode out for the 12-2 major.  Gulibon amassed 3:53 minutes of riding time.

141: #7 Anthony Ashnault RUT dec. Kade Moss PSU, 6-4

Moss faced Rutgers' highest ranked wrestler, but gave him all he could handle.  Ashnault got a quick takedown and led 2-1 after the Moss escape.  Moss got his offense going and nearly scored but the period ended with Ashnault up 2-1. Ashnault chose down and quickly esaped to start the 2nd.  Moss kept the pressure on and nearly scored on multiple attempts but Ashnault fought him off.  With time running down, Moss got an ankle and after a scramble got the takedown with 6 seconds left and tied the bout at 3.  Moss chose down but was unable to escape before Ashnault  built up over a minute in riding time.  Moss finally escaped for a brief lead but was taken down and lost 6-4 with the riding time point.  Not a bad effort for Moss, he's getting closer to the top guys.

149: Ken Theobold RUT dec. #17 Zack Beitz PSU, 5-2

On the mildly disappointing side, Zack Beitz lost to an unranked (but talented) Ken Theobold.   Theobold got the quick takedown and began building riding time.  Beitz almost reversed Theobold several times and finally did with just over a minute to go in the 1st. Theobold got the escape and the period ended with Beitz down 3-2.  Beitz chose down and was unable to escape the entire period.  Theobold chose bottom to start the 3rd and Beitz cut him.  Beitz fired several shots but was unable to break through for a takedown.  With riding time, Beitz lost 5-2.  Beitz inability to escape from bottom is a tad worrisome.

157: #7 Dylan Alton PSU maj. dec. Dylan Painton RUT, 11-3

Without a doubt, Alton put together his most complete match since coming back from injury.  Alton tried the headlock early, was unsuccessful, but bullied his way to an early takedown.  Alton started building riding time but Painton escaped to a 2-1 deficit.  Alton kept his offense up, nearly scored and finally did on a high double to take a 4-1 lead after 1.  Painton chose down and Alton made him pay riding out the entire period and clinching the riding time point.  Alton chose down and got the reversal after a scramble for a 6-1 lead.  Looking for the major, Alton cut Painton and got a quick takedown.  After a cut, Alton got the major-clinching takedown and rode the period out. Alton showed plenty of gas in the tank and was tough in all three positions.  Penn State went to the break up 12-6 a lot closer than most PSU fans would have liked.

165: Garett Hammond PSU maj. dec. Nick Visicaro RUT, 13-4

Hammond quickly fired through a double and got the takedown after a scramble.  Hammond nearly turned Visicaro a couple times and finally did for 3 nearfall points. Visicaro escaped at the end of the period with Hammond up 5-1.  Hammond chose down and quickly escaped.  Hammond scored of a counter shot, got the takedown, and turned Visicaro for 3 more nearfall.  Visicaro chose down to start the 3rd and was cut after Hammond secured the riding time point.  Hammond got a little too aggressive and Visicaro stopped the bleeding with a takedown of his own.  Hammond would escape for the 13-4 major.

174: #4 Matt Brown PSU dec. #20 Phillip Bakuckas RUT, 7-1

In the match of the night, Brown took on top-20 ranked Bakuckas.  Unfortunately, it wasn't the offensive showdown we had hoped as neither man scored in the first two minutes.  Brown finally broke through for the takedown and the 2-0 lead after 1.  Bakuckas chose down and was dominated by Brown for the entire period. Brown chose down and quickly escaped to start the 3rd.  Brown pushed the action but was unable to score but forced a point off a second Bakuckas stall call.  Brown finished off a takedown and Bakuckas escaped to finish off the scoring.  The period ended with Brown winning 7-1 with 2:15 in riding time.

184: #16 Matt McCutcheon PSU dec. Anthony Pafumi RUT, 10-4

Mouse came out and forced his will on over-matched Pafumi getting an early takedown.  McCutcheon then turned Pafumi for 3 nearfall twice, the second time rolling the Scarlet Knight to his back.  McCutcheon nearly got the pin but Pafumi slipped out and got the reversal as the period ended.  Up 8-2 McCutcheon chose down but had a hard time getting the escape until the 20 sec mark.  The period ended and Pafumi chose neutral to start the 3rd.  The only scoring in the period was a Pafumi takedown and a McCutcheon escape as Mouse won by a 10-4 decision.  You would have liked to see McCutcheon get the major but the match was already decided and Rutgers was mathematically out.

197: #6 Morgan McIntosh PSU dec. Andrew Campollatano RUT, 8-2

McIntosh bounced back from his disappointing loss in the Ohio dual to beat a solid wrestler in Andrew Campollatano.  Both wrestlers looked to score early in the first but neither could finish.  McIntosh finally broke through with just over a minute and led 2-0 after a solid rideout.  McIntosh chose down to start the second and quickly escaped.  Morgan pushed the action and nearly scored but the period ended with McIntosh up 3-0.  Campollatano chose neutral but it was McIntosh getting the takedown.  Looking for the major, Morgan cut Campollatano and scored on a low single.  After a McIntosh cut, Morgan looked for the major-clinching takedown and was in deep but was unable to finish as the period ended.  McIntosh would finish with 1:11 in riding time and a solid 8-2 victory.

285: Jon Gingrich PSU dec. #13 Billy Smith RUT, 5-3 (sv)

Both Heavies would warm up but it was Gingrich that got the call.  Like most Heavyweight bouts, the two shaved bears battled to a scoreless tie after 1.  Gingrich and Smith traded escapes to start the 2nd and 3rd but that was all the scoring until late. Gingrich, who was the aggressor for most of the match finally scored to take the lead 3-1.  Smith escaped and Gingrich was called for locked hands tying the bout at 3.  Penn State would challenge the call but it was upheld.  The two exchanged scoring opportunities but regulation ended with the bout tied.  Gingrich set up a nice shot very early and grabbed both of Smith's ankles for the sudden victory win 5-3.