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Wrestling Wreport: Penn State Downs Purdue 26-9

Penn State takes down Purdue in front of a capacity crowd in Rec Hall.


A win is a win when it comes to competition in sports, but every now and then a win just doesn't feel good.  The Penn State wrestling team had just such a win Sunday afternoon as they handled Purdue, winning 7 of 10 bouts but two of Penn State's wrestlers--ranked 7th--lost to two Purdue wrestlers ranked 20th.  There was some sloppy wrestling in the wins as well, but luckily most of the team got the job done.

125: #8 Jordan Conaway PSU dec. Aaron Assad PUR, 9-4

There's being aggressive, then there's being too aggressive and that was the case for Conaway at the start of the bout.  Conaway shot at the opening whistle and Assad was ready, easily countering Jordan and getting the opening takedown.  Conaway almost gave up the cradle but fought his way out.  Jordan got the escape and a takedown of his own as the period ended tied at 3 after a Assad escape.  Conaway chose down to start the 2nd and quickly escaped. Jordan notched another takedown and rode the period out.  Assad chose down to start the final period but Conaway built riding time while nearly turning Assad.  Conaway cut Assad looking for bonus but was only able to get one more late takdown to win 9-4.

133: #20 Danny Sabatello PUR dec. #7 Jimmy Gulibon PSU, 6-0

Welcome back 2013 Jimmy Gulibon we haven't missed you. The same issues that plagued Gulibon a year ago surfaced again against Sabatello.  Gulibon could not get out from Sabatello's ride giving up 2:51 in riding time and losing 6-0. Sabatello got a quick takedown and rode the period out.  That forced Gulibon to take neutral in the 2nd but there was no score change.  Gulibon cut Sabatello in the 3rd and took an ill-advised shot the Sabatello easily countered. Sabatello rode the rest of the period out.  Gulibon still has some work to do, especially on bottom.

141: Nick Lawrence PUR dec. Kade Moss PSU, 3-2

Moss and Lawrence traded several shot attempts with neither man scoring although both were very close. Lawrence chose down to start the 2nd and quickly escaped.  The two traded shots again with neither wrestler able to finish. Moss chose down and escaped to start the 3rd and tied the bout at 1.  Moss tried a throw with 40 seconds left but Lawrence countered for the winning takedown.

149: #17 Zack Beitz PSU dec. Brandon Nelsen PUR, 7-5

Beitz got the initial takedown just 30 seconds in and the score was 2-1 after a Nelsen escape. Nelsen scored on a single attempt after a scramble to take the 3-2 lead.  Beitz escaped with 11 seconds left to tie the match.  Beitz chose down and quickly escaped to a 4-3 lead. Nelsen shot in deep and nearly had the takedown, but Beitz fought it off, and countered the move for a takedown of his own and a 6-3 lead.  Beitz built up riding time but Nelsen did escape as the period ended to up the score to 6-4. Nelsen chose down to start the 3rd but Beitz was able to build up over a minute of riding time before a Nelsen escape.  Beitz blocked Nelsen's offense for the rest of the period and Beitz won 7-5 with the riding time point.

157: #20 Doug Welch PUR dec. #7 Dylan Alton PSU, 3-1 (sv)

Alton came out the aggressor but was unable to finish any shots. Both wrestlers spent the 1st 3 periods in wild scrambles with both nearly getting the initial takedown, but with the exception of escapes to start the 2nd and 3rd, there was no scoring.  Alton nearly scored as time ran out but Welch countered.  In sudden victory it appeared that Alton had the quick takedown but it was not awarded and after another scramble Welch came out on top for the winning takedown.  When you live by the 1-takedown lead, you sometimes die by that 1 takedown and so it was for Alton Sunday.

Penn State went to halftime inexplicably down 6-9.

165: Garett Hammond PSU dec. Pat Robinson PUR, 16-11

If you like wide open offense with momentum changing reversals then Hammond-Robinson was for you. Robinson came out quickly, got a takedown and led 2-1 after a quick Hammond escape.  Hammond wasted no time getting a takedown all before a minute had run off the clock. Hammond got sloppy and gave up the reversal and Robinson almost turned Garett for back points.  Hammond fought the attempt off and nearly got a defensive pin which forced Robinson to give up another reversal.  Hammond then hit a tilt for 3 nearfall points which would end up being a crucial move in the match.  Hammond rode the period out with a lead of 8-4.  Hammond chose down, quickly escaped, and pushed the action.  After a Robinson stall call, the Boilermaker notched another takedown at the edge of the mat.  Hammond escaped, and got a takedown of his own with 24 seconds left. Robinson got another reversal with 10 seconds left but Hammond got the escape as time ran out.  Hammond's lead was 13-8. Robinson got the escape and blew through a hard shot for another takedown.  In a wild match like this what else do you think could happen?  You guessed it, Hammond got a final reversal and rode the period out to get just over a minute in riding time.

You'll take the win but you would hope Garett would be a little more disciplined, a lot of those reversals were sloppy.  Hammond let his hips drop when the two got into scrambles which opened the door for the reversal.

174: #4 Matt Brown PSU pinned Chad Welch PUR, WBF (1:21)

Hulk Hands takedown!  Hulk Hands throw puny wrestler to back!  Hulk Hands Pin!

184: #16 Matt McCutcheon PSU dec. Patrick Kissel PUR, 3-2

McCutcheon pushed the action early and often but was unable to break through in the 1st 3 minutes.  His aggression paid off as Kissel was hit for a stall warning.  McCutcheon chose down and got a quick reversal.  Kissel escaped but McCutcheon got in deep again.  Kissel nearly got the counter takedown but neither wrestler scored. Kissel chose down to start the 3rd but McCutcheon put together a strong ride building up over a minute of riding time advantage before Kissel escaped with 55 seconds left. McCutcheon fought off Kissel for the rest of the period to win 3-2 on the riding time point.

197: #6 Morgan McIntosh PSU tech fall Drake Stein PUR, 21-6 (TF; 7:00)

McIntosh - Stein

McIntosh brought his A-game scoring 3 takedowns and nearly getting backpoints in the first period and led 6-2 after one. Morgan chose down to start the 2nd, got the reversal, and locked up a cradle. He didn't get the fall but increased his lead to 11-2 with 3 nearfall.  Stein escaped with 45 seconds left but McIntosh converted a late shot to widen his lead to 13-3.  Stein took bottom to start the 3rd, and Morgan cut him and took him down.  With Morgan's success on top, McIntosh fired up his bow and arrow, wrenched Stein over and got 3 more backpoints while nearly pinning the Boilermaker. McIntosh was called for an illegal hold to push the score to 18-5.  Needing one more takedown for the tech, McIntosh let Stein go for a 18-6 lead and then took Stein down and road him out making the final score 21-6 for a tech fall.

285: #6 Jimmy Lawson PSU dec. Tyler Kral PUR, 9-3

Lawson came out pushing the action and blew through a nice double for the bout's first takedown.  Jimmy dominated on top and rode the rest of the 1st out.  Lawson chose down to start the second, got to his feet and hit an impressive roll for the big guy and got the reversal with continuing action.  Lawson cut Kral and kept up the pressure but the period ended with Jimmy up 4-1. Kral chose down and Jimmy broke him down and forced a second stall call and a penalty point before letting the Boilermaker go.  Lawson hit another strong double and cut Kral looking for more.  Jimmy was unable to finish anymore shots but his offense netted him another stall call and another penalty point.  That with 3:18 in riding time gave Lawson the 9-3 win.