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The BSD Basketbro Show! Episode 1.8: Michigan, Indiana and Purdue

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Greetings, Black Shoe Diaries, commentariat. The BSD Basketbro Show is back, and, uh, it was kinda rough. Yes, there was lots of analysis and discussion of things. No, none of the things were all that positive. As usual, Bill (@bflip33) and Chad (@Chad_BSD) try to not cry on the air. This time, they were joined by Noel Purcell of Onward State, who showed up half an hour late. The trio discussed this stuff:

  • Penn State's three losses since the last time the guys came together. What the hell happened to this squad, which was once 12-1 and knew how to win close games?
  • The loss of John Johnson, and what this means to the squad.
  • Noel shows up and gives us some general thoughts on the Nittany Lions.
  • A preview of the game against Michigan State. There is also a brief, uh, thing about the game against Rutgers on Saturday that Penn State can't lose.
  • There's some D.J. Newbill talk in there because holy shit he's SO GOOD.
  • The guys talk about the controversy surrounding attendance at Saturday's game. They got really mad. Like, really, REALLY mad.

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