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The 2014 BSD Reader Awards Play Of The Year: Anthony Zettel's Pick-Six vs. Ohio State

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The most exciting play of the 2014 season, as determined by BSD's readers, was the closest thing we saw to a FAT GUY TOUCHDOWN this year.

Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

There were a bunch of worthy candidates for the best play of the 2014 Penn State football season. While the play that the BSD commentariat chose as the best came in a loss, it was unquestionably the best, most exciting play of the Nittany Lions' campaign.

Here was how the voting rounded out for the BSD Reader Awards' Play of the Year:

  • Winner: Anthony Zettel's pick-six vs. Ohio State (42 percent of the vote)
  • Second Place: Sam Ficken's game-winning field goal vs. Boston College (26 percent)
  • Third Place: Sam Ficken's game-winning field goal vs. UCF (6 percent)
  • Fourth Place: Christian Hackenberg's touchdown pass to Saeed Blacknall vs. Ohio State (6 percent)
  • Fifth Place: Bill Belton's 92-yard touchdown run vs. Indiana (5 percent)
  • Sixth Place: Akeel Lynch's Beast Mode run vs. Boston College (5 percent)
  • Seventh Place: Geno Lewis' catch-and-run in the fourth quarter vs. Rutgers (4 percent)
  • Eighth Place: Chris Godwin's touchdown grab vs. Boston College (3 percent)
  • Ninth Place: Jesse Della Valle's interception vs. Temple (2 percent)
  • Tenth Place: Geno Lewis' touchdown catch vs. UCF (1 percent)

As you can see, a ton of plays deserved this award. Hell, I voted for the most impressive play of the year in my eyes -- Della Valle's unreal interception -- and that came in ninth.

However, without Zettel's pick-six against the Buckeyes, Penn State would have probably gotten destroyed. Those were the first points of the game for PSU -- at the time of the touchdown, the score was 17-0 OSU -- and the Nittany Lions ended up ripping off 17 unanswered points against Urbz and the Gang to force overtime. Sure, Penn State lost, but this was so, so cool. If you need a refresher:

That was so amazing, you guys. Beaver Stadium got loud as all hell. It was awesome.

So congrats, Anthony Zettel. You had the best moment of the 2014 Penn State season. Here's to a few more of those in 2015.